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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Outbound Print On-Demand Tickets/Wristbands

Outbound Software ( is a leading provider of web-based reservation, ticketing, and scheduling solutions that handles the diverse departmental needs that span an organization such as museums, zoos, aquariums, ticketed venues, and outdoor recreation.  Whether the focus is on visitor services such as admissions, group sales, education, development, rentals, special events, tours, workshops, or other areas, Outbound Software’s solution is nimble enough to handle the nuances of the services and the disparate needs of an attraction organization.


On October 25th and 26th, Marc Jorrens, Co-Founder and President of Outbound Software invited me to participate in their first annual user conference.  At the conference, I had the opportunity to learn more about Outbound and their customers.  Just recently, Outbound decided to integrate the TM-C3400 into their software; and wanted me to demonstrate and talk about print on-demand color tickets and wristbands.

According to Marc, “I saw an opportunity to differentiate our product by enabling customers to print on-demand; and eliminate preprinted tickets.  Since completing the integration, I have found the small Epson printer produces great color tickets that are instant waterfast and very durable.  The pigment-based ink is great”.


During the Outbound event, I spoke to customers with 4 different types of requirements for print on-demand color tickets.  First; promote special events.  Many types of attractions have special events; both large and small.  Producing tickets positions the event in the minds of the attendees as “special” enabling the tickets to act as mementos.  Adding images, graphics, logo’s, etc. signify the importance of this special event; creating more value.

Second, honor sponsors.  With print on-demand color tickets, attractions can honor sponsors; making their sponsorship more valuable.  Many non-profit attractions need sponsors to cover portions of the operating costs.  Therefore, these non-profits need to find ways to increase the value of the sponsorships offered.  By using print on-demand tickets with logo’s and recognition, the sponsor gets more value.

Third, change processes.  Print on-demand enables attractions to change selected processes.  During the Outbound event, I spoke to a controller for a military attraction.  This organization uses wristbands to track approximately 240,000 annual paid attendees.  As wristbands act as “currency”, the organization must track the wristbands precisely.  They hold an inventory of several colors of wristbands (different color per day); take inventory at the beginning and end of each day; and reconcile the inventory with the paid attendance.  This process takes a significant amount of time and effort.  By moving to print on-demand wristbands, they now can keep only a small amount of blank inventory that has no value.  When printed at the point of sale, the serialized and barcoded wristbands become the entrance ticket.   Once attached to the attendee, guards can scan the wristbands easily and quickly completing a reconciliation process.

Fourth: replace Boca/thermal ticket printers.  As the leading provider of ticket printers, Boca has been producing basically the same thermal printers for years.  By moving away from monochrome print and the Boca printer language (Friendly Ghost Language or FGL), users have more flexibility with their ticketing systems.  As I heard one attendee say, “Since I need to purchase new printers, why should I purchase technology from the 80’s for ticketing.  I like the idea of having the capability to produce many types of print; and not just black tickets.”

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If you or your customers use tickets or wristbands somewhere in the operation, consider how print on-demand color enables new procedures and promotions; saving attractions money and enabling greater revenues.

Guy Mikel


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