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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Print It Thick

Would you ever have a need to print some form of thick media; such as this 17 mil (.4317 mm) tags?

Thick Inkjet Coated Tags
Thick Inkjet Coated Tags
Or this 0.423 mm or 16.6 mil RFID label from Avery:

If you do, you currently have limited options.  Yes; the C831 can print media up to 4.5 mm or 117 mil thick using the “anti-scraping mode”.  

But the C831 printer is the exception in the color world.  And yes; some thermal transfer printers have the ability to print media up to 24 mil thick.

In the color label printing world, media thickness is a limiting factor.  For example, the Neuralabel 300x has a spec at approximately 7 to 8 mils or .2 mm.  The TM-C3500 color label printer has the same spec at 7.5 mils or .19 mm thick: 

The TM-C7500 color label printer has a spec at 9.3 mil or .236 mm (page 191):

The LX2000 color label printer has a spec at 10 mils or .25 mm:

And the Memjet-based printers (TrojanOne, L801, VIP 700, etc.) have a spec of .3 mm or 12 mils:

If you need to print thick media, both labels and tags, you’ve not had an option; until now with the CMYK label printer.

Thick Label Printer
CMYK Print Engine
With the CYMK print engine, you can print media on any thickness you can roll.  Watch us print labels in both slow and fast mode:

 Currently, we’re using a large winder system to print this thick media.  Shortly, however, we’ll launch a more affordable media handing system with a conveyor for precise label management:

Thick Label Printer
Thick Label Printer
Using this same print engine, we can print on corrugated, both flat and folded.  Learn more here: 

If you need to print thick media such as RFID labels or tags in color, contact us to learn more about this exciting new technology.  And your feedback on the fit of this technology would be appreciated.

Guy Mikel