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Color Label Solutions

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Couldn't Be Happier

Vape Dudes ( is exactly what it sounds like: a group of dudes and dudettes that eats, sleeps and breathes (especially breathes) all things vape.  Their goal is to make the best eJuice possible. Every bottle of Vape Dudes eJuice is carefully hand-crafted to the taste of each individual customer, with options available for all preferences.

Shelby Lewis has led the effort to change their labels as well as their labeling process.  Recently, I ask Shelby, why print on-demand color labels?  Did you consider using preprinted color labels?  According to Shelby, “We opted to go with color labels simply because we supply both to individuals online as well as to shops around the world.  Many of these stores sell brands from multiple suppliers.  Therefore, we need to “standout” as a premium supplier with a quality product.” 

Shelby continued, “As for purchasing pre-printed labels, it would be cost prohibitive.  We have 240 different products names.  Within each flavor, we have thousands of possible options.  With so many different products and combinations, Vape Dudes would require too many different labels in inventory, as well as time to select the right label when processing an order.  Now, we print only the labels required; with no picking of the label from inventory.  Plus, we are not required to write the correct option on the label.  Our TM-C3500 based solution has reduced print time by 80%, and packing time by about the same percentage. 

By printing color labels on-demand, we've saved process time, labeling costs and maintenance costs.  We couldn't be happier.”

When I first spoke to Shelby, Vape Dudes was using Primera’s LX400 printer.  As Shelby was looking for a faster, less expensive printer option, I recommended the TM-C3500.  After comparing the TM-C3500, Shelby says, “Our largest complaint with the Primera LX400 was the speed.  To test the two printers, we printed a single day of orders on both the LX400 and the TM-C3500.  The LX400 took 25 minutes to print, and the TM-C3500 took only 5 minutes.  After about the 3rd label, I knew the TM-C3500 was significantly quicker.” 

Shelby continues, “Not only did the TM-C3500 reduce the time to print significantly, but we were able to upgrade our labels.  From Color Label Solutions, we purchased a matte poly label which is much more durable than what we were using previously; at a lower price than our current vendor.” 

Shelby purchased matte poly labels made with Kimdura.  You may enjoy an earlier post covering this label material:

 Shelby has found our labels to fit his requirements perfectly.  According to Shelby, “After printing our first test label, we placed it on a bottle to perform a simple rub test with a few drops of eJuice.  After rubbing the label for a minute, I noticed no difference at all.  Not believing the result, I dried the ejuice by rubbing the label with a paper towel for another 30 seconds.  After this second test, we still saw no difference between a new label and our test label.” 

Vape Dudes is our second customer in this market.  You may remember our earlier post covering California e-Liquid:

I think Vape Dude’s labels look great; both the design and color. Their new design and labeling effort demonstrates their commitment to quality.  I’m really happy we could provide Vape Dude a durable print on-demand label solution that meets their needs.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you satisfy your labeling requirements.

Guy Mikel

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Merriam Webster defines “Solution” as “an action or process of solving a problem”.  Solving problems with printing labels in color and on-demand is what we do at Color Label Solutions.

Some of the type of problems we solve are as follows:

Meeting the new GHS requirements:

Labeling Laboratory Samples:

Printing low cost color labels for manufacturing:

Producing high resolution, in-plant labels:

Using color to improve logistics:

Supporting Visitor Management:

Plus many other types of application solutions too numerous to mention.

We’re proud of our work with customers; now selling, installing and supporting more than 200 organizations move to print on-demand color labels.  So when I realized that Icann ( had made available a new domain extension, “.Solution”, I immediately purchased two new URL’s.

Now, you can see our website by using  This new domain name projects our value add; solving problems for companies requiring print on-demand color label solutions.

In addition, chemicals manufacturers, distributors and other types of organizations working with chemical compounds can find us at   We have the printers, labels, warranty, software and support to help you comply with the GHS set of requirements going into effect next year.

Click on our new URL’s and send us your feedback.  Color Label SOLUTIONS wants to be your color label problem solver.

Guy Mikel