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Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Slide" Into On-Demand Color Wristbands

Wild River Country ( is Arkansas largest waterpark.  Located in North Little Rock, Wild River Country has attractions like “Cyclone”, “Vertigo”, “Pipeline” and “Sidewinder” as well as fun-filled areas for younger guests.  Check out their Facebook page to learn more:

As a part of their business, Wild River Country hosts birthday parties, as many as 10 to 30 in a single day.  To track birthday party visitors, Wild River Country used plain, solid color wristbands purchased from an office supply store or amusement retailer.  According to Kerrigan Ambers, Ticketing Manager, for Wild River Country, “The downfall to using a solid color band is that anyone could go to their local amusement/carnival store and purchase a box on their own.  Or they could use it another day if they could find a way to slip it off.”

“As a perk of booking a birthday party, guests receive unlimited drinks or free food.  With up to 30 parties in an 8 hour day, we needed a way to differentiate quickly the different party packages.  It was a top priority for us this season” says Kerrigan.

After some research, Wild River Country contacted Peak Technologies (  to purchase a color wristband printer.  After understanding Wild River Country’s requirements including using their existing software, the Peak Representative contacted me about using the TM-C3400.  Once I was involved, I connected Peak to Wristband Resources ( who manufacturers wristbands that work with the TM-C3400.   The mission of Wristband Resources is to provide every customer with value beyond compare in the wristband identification marketplace.  They stand committed to making sure that every one of their customers is satisfied with their purchase. 

Wristband Resources produces a band made from a poly material and with a tamper evident enclosure.  According to Nate Olson, Sales, with Wristband Resources, “We’ve received extremely positive feedback for our wristbands when used in conjunction with the Epson TM-C3400 printer. This combination has opened doors to a number of venues who never thought on-demand printing of wristbands was possible.”    

After purchasing the printer and wristbands from Peak, Wild River contacted me to help them configure the printer to work with Word.  Initially, we had to change several settings in the page setup function in Word to get the wristband to print.  Then we had to adjust the vertical position of the image on the band to place the image in the correct spot.


The new wristbands have been a big hit at Wild River country.  “The new color, on-demand wristbands have helped our employees differentiate between guests that paid for one of our birthday packages versus the general public.  This solution has saved us hundreds of dollars” says Kerrigan.

For my post, Kerrigan was very gracious as he gathered comments from others at Wild River Country:

“Before we had to ask guests several questions to determine which party they were with. Now all we have to do is look at the wristband and direct the guest in the right direction without all the questions.  Two Thumbs up!”-Randall

“The color on-demand wristbands make us (birthday deck team) look more professional & organized.”-Buck

“Using the TM-C3400 to print our color on-demand wristbands is simple as 1,2,3.”-Anthony

“The new color on-demand wristbands are cool & unique.”-Rendi

If you or your customers use wristbands as a part of your operation, consider how on-demand color will improve your operation; and save you money.

Guy Mikel

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