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Thursday, January 9, 2014

GHS Drum Labels

Color Label Solutions now has a new option for you to print #DrumLabels.

In the past, I have written several posts covering the basics of printing of #GHSLabels. 

Including success stories:

All of these posts have involved the use of inkjet printers.  For drum labels, I have been recommending the GP-C831.  To purchase the GP-C831, visit our store:

But not everyone wants to use this technology.  For customers who want to use less expensive printers and label media, require higher resolution images, must print using PCL or PostScript drivers, or need full 8.5” wide labels, Color Label Solutions now offers the Okidata C711 printer specifically for chemical drum labels;

With low cost printer hardware and labels, resolution up to 1,200 x 600 dpi, and available PCL and PostScript drivers, the C711 fits many chemical companies who need to begin printing drums labels for their chemicals.

We selected the C711 for one key reason; straight paper path.   Laser printers require the media to travel around a drum to print.

This curved paper path along with the heat may cause issues with the facestock and liner of the label separating, jamming the printer.  Once jammed, it’s not easy to clear the media path, thus potentially stopping production.

With a straight path, the C711 has no issues printing labels that are heavier than standard paper.

In addition to the straight paper path, the C711 has one other feature making it a great option to print GHS drum labels; price.  At $999, no other viable printer for large quantities of GHS labels is less expensive.  If you are looking for a low cost option, the C711 is for you.  To purchase the C711, visit our store: 

Check out this video of the C711 printing a sample GHS label along it’s straight paper path: 

When you need GHS Drum labels, contact Color Label Solutions.  We’ll find the right solutions for your situation.

Guy Mikel

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