Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Friday, October 5, 2012

Solution Selling

General Data ( is a team of experts helping companies become more efficient by harnessing the power of labeling, identification, data collection, tracking and service technologies. With General Data, companies are able to maximize their return on investment in systems that reduce errors, streamline workflows, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, enable better decision-making and increase profitability.

Recently, an internationally known gas detector manufacturing and installation company contacted General Data regarding their Epson TM-C3400.  According to General Data’s Michelle Donnellon, Director of Marketing, “initially the company was just looking for a reputable media and service provider for their printer”.  General Data brought in their local solutions expert, Pennsylvania Territory Manager Paul Belschner, to assist.

According to Paul, “when I first spoke to the company, I learned they had purchased the printer from an online retailer.  They indicated that they wanted to move to on-demand color labels to classify certain products using color during manufacturing and final assembly packaging.  Adding color improved their work processes.”

Paul continues, “Although purchasing a printer online, this company needed the other components of a solution; including labels, ink and most importantly assurance of service.  After some discussions, they decided to purchase labels, ink, warranty service and 3 additional printers.  I’m glad we could provide everything that my now “NEW” customer needed to move to on-demand color labels.”

To begin using an on-demand color label solution, resellers and/or end users may need to take some or all of the following steps:

·         * Design or Redesign an existing process
·         * Select their software application
·         * Determine the most appropriate hardware
·         * Design/Redesign label formats (or at least test their label formats)
·         * Test/Select the label media
·         * Measure the new process
·         * Establish service or contingency processes

For some companies, this process is simple and easy to do.  For example, Bonanza Press used in-house designers to create new labels that are printed on the production floor using Adobe Reader.   This solution has enabled them to increase sales.

But for most companies, value added resellers must take the time to sell and deliver the entire on-demand color label solution.  In my work with resellers, I’ve heard that this time requirement costs them money.  Sales representatives of value added resellers may be used to selling “Zebra Printers”; adding very little incremental value.  This type of high volume, low service sales pushes customers to purchase at discounted prices.

To compete effectively, value added resellers like General Data need to sell solutions, including service, media, ink and software; generating more business.  As Martin Grunstein opines in the followings article, “You don’t fight fire with fire, you fight fire with water. Don’t do what your competitor does, do exactly the opposite!  If he or she discounts the price, you reinforce the value added services you provide to show that your offer has more value.”

Even better for resellers, on-demand color label solutions help end user customers reduce labor/administration/inventory/labor costs, enable last second design changes, improve processes and even increase sales. 

Although selling or implementing an on-demand color label solution takes time, the payoff is good for both resellers and end users.

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