Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Friday, October 4, 2019


Recently, I saw a new product that would seem to fit a lot of our customers: the new Boxmate from Labelmate:

We've sold a lot of round bottle applicators; and featured several in this blog.  For example, this work on integrating a color printer into an automatic label applicator:

Or this post featuring an integrated semi-automated label applicator:

Or this post featuring the BenchMax:

But until now, we’ve not sold an easy to use, semi-automatic box label applicator like the Boxmate.

According to Stuart Ripplinger, General Manager of Labelmate, “BOXMATE Label Applicators enable you to consistently and accurately apply labels automatically to a wide variety of flat-sided items, such as boxes, pouches, and flat-sided bottles. In the past, automatic Label Applicators like this could only be found for cylindrical items like bottles and tubes; but no longer!  With the BOXMATE by LABELMATE you can reliably and effortlessly label all kinds of square and flat objects by simply placing them on the conveyer and watching the machine do the work. Once the conveyer is activated the label is applied at over 4.5″ per second, and most objects are labeled in less than 4 seconds!”

Watch the Boxmate run in this video:

When I ask Stuart, who are the best candidates to use the Boxmate, Stuart says, “BOXMATE Label Applicators are the ideal solution for anyone who needs to apply labels to small and medium sized cartons, boxes, and any other type of flat-sided object.”  From my perspective, I see cannabis, food, hardware and many retail-oriented companies as perfect candidates for this inexpensive box labeler option.

The Boxmate comes in two sizes.  First the Boxmate 610 for boxes up to 6” wide, costs $3,500: 

Second, the Boxmate 612 for boxes up to 12” wide, cost $3750:

Boxmate is a great new addition to our toolbox for customers who want an affordable means to apply labels to boxes.  Contact us to purchase or learn more about this new tool.

Guy Mikel