Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Color Label Solutions Merger

I’m pleased to announce that Color Label Solutions has joined General Data,,  as an independent operating unit focused on print on-demand color labels.

General Data is recognized as an expert resource for all aspects of labeling, automatic identification, barcode data collection, field mobility, equipment service, fixed asset management, and managed print services. General Data's "total solutions" approach enables customers to utilize their expertise in all areas - planning, equipment specification, label media, printer consumable, system integration, customization and professional services.

When asked why General Data decided to purchase Color Label Solutions, Pete Wenzel, President and CEO, said, “General Data purchased Color Label Solutions for two primary reasons.  First, Color Label Solutions has become a preferred provider of label printing solutions to the cannabis market.  The importance of branding combined with the requirement for variable data make this market perfect for print on-demand color labels. General Data sees Color Label Solutions as a vehicle to sell a wide range of products to this market; specifically, barcode/RFID printers, scanners, WiFi systems, POS solutions, on-site service, and preprinted labels.”

Pete Wenzel, President/CEO, General Data
Pete Wenzel, President/CEO, General Data
Continuing, Pete said, “Second, General Data decided to pursue harder the on-demand color label and flexible packaging market; both on-demand and preprinted.  Merging with Color Label Solutions gives us more knowledge and market access to grow this business.”

Color Label Solutions,,  will continue to operate independently as a stand-alone business unit with employees in several states and customers across North America. 

Since day 1, we knew our company would need to integrate vertically to remain competitively in the label market.  For example, thermal transfer label prices have decreased significantly since this technology was launched in the 80’s.  To prepare for this potential price competition, we required a means to produce inkjet and laser labels and tags as affordably as possible.  General Data not only converts labels but also has the capability to custom coat materials, with both adhesives and top coatings.  By joining General Data, Color Label Solutions will remain competitive in the color label market long term.

Color Label Solutions launched in July of 2013.  Read our first post after formation here:

And our first video describing our company and mission now over 5 years old:

Color Label Solutions was started to help customers move to print on-demand color label printing. We saw the opportunity in the market for a different way to print labels in color; with the change in color label printer technology, the need for GHS labels in the chemical industry and the interest of manufacturers to print full-color labels when needed.  After 5.5 years, we now have over 240 posts, covering all aspects of printing labels on-demand and in color.  And don’t forget the 98 video’s on our YouTube channel:   

Or why manufacturers should move to on-demand color and our company:

Beatriz Molina, Co-Owner and Vice President of Operations says, “We’re looking forward to the potential synergy from merging with a larger organization with outstanding manufacturing and service capabilities.  Not having this expertise internally, Color Label Solutions will be able to do more for our customers with the merger.  For all of us employees, supporting and helping our customers is our primary goal.”  Meet the Color Label Solutions team here:

For most customers, only the “remit to” address should change.  With the merger, Color Label Solutions will be able to offer a much broader line of products and services to customers further growing our company. All stakeholders in Color Label Solutions will benefit with the purchase by General Data.  And most importantly; the General Data team are good guys!

If you have questions on the purchase of Color Label Solutions, feel free to contact me/us.  We look forward to our exciting, mutually beneficial, future.

Guy Mikel

Thursday, February 7, 2019

LT5C-White & New Materials

I am pleased to announce the LT5C; a benchtop LED printer designed specifically for labels.

After working with the Okidata for several years, I’m excited to finally get this product on the market.  I’ve mentioned this product in this blog prior: first at the 2015 Graph Expo post.

Second in the 2017 Label Expo post:

Third, in the 2018 Label Expo post:

This new product excites me for 3 key reasons.  First, this newly designed printer, specifically for labels, eliminates many of the problems with former versions of laser label printers.  For example, previous laser label printers were designed to print 8.5” x 11” sheets.  This design meant each print job created at least 11” or more of waste as the label media traveled through the printer to the fuser.  With this printer, the printer cuts the last label in the job to eliminate any label lost.  Watch the printer run here:

Also, the printer how has a minimum batch-length size of 4”; along with a minimum width of 1” and a minimum length of .5”.  These capabilities make the printer much more user friendly and less wasteful.  According to Grant Lapke, our technical expert on the LT5C, “I find this printer very easy to use.  It’s still new to us, but the use of it seems very straight forward.”

In addition to media handling, the LT5C offers better color registration; using different transfer technology than used in standard 8.5” x 11” printers. Overall, this printer designed for labels will work better than previous toner-based options.

Second, the LT5C will offer a variety of media as well as the possibility for less expensive labels. As a LED/Laser printer, the fuser bonds the toner to the label media; opening up exciting and possibly less expensive options.  For example, silver foil:

Silver Foil Labels With the QL-300
Silver Foil Labels With the QL-300
 Kraft Paper:

Kraft Paper With the QL-300
Kraft Paper With The QL-300

Black Paper:

Black Paper With The QL-300
Black Paper With The LT5C

Gold Paper:

Gold Paper With The QL-300
Gold Paper With The LT5C

And Clear Film:

Clear Film With The QL-300
Clear Film With The LT5C

I believe the capabilities of the LT5C will offer exciting new artwork designs for our customer’s labels.

Third, as seen in the previous pictures, the LT5C offers white toner.  Now you can add white to artwork that uses clear or colored materials; or use white as a base underneath other colors.

White Underneath Using The QL-300
White Underneath Using The QL-300

As for the costs to get the ease of use, flexibility in media types and white toner benefits, we’ve been told the toner costs are priced similar to standard inkjet printers.  For example, the CMYK should last approximately 52,000 linear inches (more than 8,000, 6” labels); and the white toner should last 26,000 linear inches (more than 4,000, 6” labels) at 20% coverage.

Overall, I see a good fit for the LT5C with many types of companies; cannabis, cosmetics, or food for example.  It fits where branding is very important.  If you want the ability to print many types of unique label media, or need to use white on your labels, contact us to discuss the new LT5C would work for you.

Guy Mikel

Monday, February 4, 2019

On-Demand Flexible Packaging

Over the past few years, Color Label Solutions has launched a variety of options for on-demand color packaging. And now we have a new on-demand color packaging option that is even more exciting:

On-Demand Color Flexible Packaging
On-Demand Color Flexible Packaging
Before I tell you about this new packaging option, let me give you a bit of our history and why we’ve invested in this new technology.

As for our history, you may remember that we launched the PostMark CMYK printer for corrugated at WestPack in 2016:

And then showed a slightly different version at WestPack in 2017:

The PostMark CYMK printer has an interesting fit into certain applications where 8” printing is sufficient. Now PostMark offers a Memjet-based print engine in addition to the Canon-based option:

After the Postmark printer, we launched the NS Multi for printing corrugated packaging up to 42” wide at WestPack in 2018:

I’ve posted a lot about the Multi; the print quality is outstanding especially on certain types of materials.

The reason for the investment in on-demand color package printing is simple; I see the same drivers for packaging as we’re experiencing for the on-demand color labeling.  Companies no longer want to keep a large inventory of packaging for all their SKU’s; similar to the need to stop purchasing preprinted labels and moving to printing when needed.  With new technology, this market will grow substantially.

Although we started with corrugated, we now have a different option; on demand flexible packaging. Now you can print, fill and form packaging on-demand using the Trojan T2-C printer.


Watch us print this packaging here:

Watch this
Trojan video on printing flexible packaging here:

According to Grant Lapke, Color Label Solutions expert on the T2-C, “The T2-C is really quite easy to run.  Once you send a print job, you can reprint the job with a few button pushes anytime.  Plus the T2-C is easier to maintain than other Memjet-based printers.  Finally, the T2-C has the lowest ink cost and large label roll of any label printer we sell."

T2-C On-Demand Flexible Package Printing
T2-C On-Demand Flexible Package Printing
And according to our first prospect, the package material seals easily and works great.  Hopefully, I can tell you more about this initial prospect shortly.

You may find this post from Label Expo 2018 which discusses the T2-C of interest:

One other aspect of the T2-C involves printing and then slitting labels.  To maximize the productivity of an 8” wide printer, you may want to run labels “Multiple-Up”.  With the T2-C, the printer comes with the capability to slit while printing.  Watch this video to see what I mean:

I’m excited by the prospect of printing flexible packaging on-demand; producing what you need, when you need them.  Contact us if you use flexible packaging and are interested in this new capability.

Guy Mikel