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Color Label Solutions

Friday, March 13, 2020

PAC5 Color Label Printer Applicator

I am pleased to announce the PAC5, color label printer applicator from General Data Automation.

PCT5 Color Printer/Applicator
PCT5 Color Printer/Applicator

The PAC5 is the first table top color print and apply machine designed to make label printing and applying easier and simpler to do.    After sending a job to the printer and placing a package under tamp head, the PAC5 triggers the start of the application process.  The PAC5 prints, feeds a label on to the pad and extends the dual tamps to apply the label.  Once the label is applied, the PAC5 retracts the tamps allowing the operator to remove the package and repeat the cycle.

PCT5 Color Printer/Applicator
PCT5 Color Printer/Applicator In Action
The PAC5 was created by John Roberts, Vice President of General Data Automation.  According to John, “we started with a flat package applicator but will adding a round package applicator in the future.  With the flat package applicator, we can provide a jig to hold the package in place to ensure the label is placed in the same place every time. And for many potential customers, the benefit of applying labels in the same place every time is a crucial aspect of the packaging esthetics.”

The PAC5 has two different operation modes; Batch and On-Demand.  In the Batch mode, the operator sends a print job to the printer.  The printer prints and presents a label placing it on the tamp pad.  As the operator moves a flat package underneath the tamp, a sensor triggers the applicator to apply the label.  John says, “the sensor speeds up the label application, initiating the process.  No need to press a foot pedal or pull a lever.  In Batch mode, the operator doesn’t have to wait for the printer to produce the label.”

Batch Mode is designed where an operator wants to print a series of identical labels; where lot numbers, production dates, best-buy dates, etc. don’t change.  Further, the PAC5 in batch mode eliminates the need to rewind the printed labels, saving significant time and money.  For most customers, I believe, PAC5 will be used in Batch mode.

Color Printed Label With Variable Data
Color Printed Label With Variable Data

On-Demand mode is designed for situations where the operator must keep a 1:1 relationship with the label and package.  John says, “for those situations where labels must be serialized/sequentially numbered, the On-Demand mode works the best.  In this mode, the printer produces and presents the label after the package is placed underneath the tamp.  This way the operator can ensure the correct label is placed on the package, with the correct date, numbers, etc.”.

Watch the PAC5 in On-Demand mode operate here:

The PAC5 uses the C6000 series label printers.  One feature of these printers makes the PAC5 possible; peel and present.  Learn more about these printers here:

The PAC5 comes standard with many features that are upgrades from other machine builders; including a 5 color status indicator,  On / Off Switch, Jog Button, Lock Out /Tag Out Main Disconnect, Adjustable Level Feet, and Out of Media Detection.

If desired, we can support the deployment of the PAC5 with jig creation, on-site training, return to depot service, label creation software (BarTender, Nicelabel, etc.) and of course labels.  Our goal is to make the PAC5 improve your overall operation.

If you believe the PAC5 would improve your operations, contact us to discuss your requirements.  Plan on sending us packaging and label sizes/material to test to ensure the printer/applicator works for you.

It’s great selling unique, new products that fit our on-demand color label market.  Contact us to learn more about the PAC5 and printing color labels on-demand.

Guy Mikel

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