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Monday, February 4, 2019

On-Demand Flexible Packaging

Over the past few years, Color Label Solutions has launched a variety of options for on-demand color packaging. And now we have a new on-demand color packaging option that is even more exciting:

On-Demand Color Flexible Packaging
On-Demand Color Flexible Packaging
Before I tell you about this new packaging option, let me give you a bit of our history and why we’ve invested in this new technology.

As for our history, you may remember that we launched the PostMark CMYK printer for corrugated at WestPack in 2016:

And then showed a slightly different version at WestPack in 2017:

The PostMark CYMK printer has an interesting fit into certain applications where 8” printing is sufficient. Now PostMark offers a Memjet-based print engine in addition to the Canon-based option:

After the Postmark printer, we launched the NS Multi for printing corrugated packaging up to 42” wide at WestPack in 2018:

I’ve posted a lot about the Multi; the print quality is outstanding especially on certain types of materials.

The reason for the investment in on-demand color package printing is simple; I see the same drivers for packaging as we’re experiencing for the on-demand color labeling.  Companies no longer want to keep a large inventory of packaging for all their SKU’s; similar to the need to stop purchasing preprinted labels and moving to printing when needed.  With new technology, this market will grow substantially.

Although we started with corrugated, we now have a different option; on demand flexible packaging. Now you can print, fill and form packaging on-demand using the Trojan T2-C printer.


Watch us print this packaging here:

Watch this
Trojan video on printing flexible packaging here:

According to Grant Lapke, Color Label Solutions expert on the T2-C, “The T2-C is really quite easy to run.  Once you send a print job, you can reprint the job with a few button pushes anytime.  Plus the T2-C is easier to maintain than other Memjet-based printers.  Finally, the T2-C has the lowest ink cost and large label roll of any label printer we sell."

T2-C On-Demand Flexible Package Printing
T2-C On-Demand Flexible Package Printing
And according to our first prospect, the package material seals easily and works great.  Hopefully, I can tell you more about this initial prospect shortly.

You may find this post from Label Expo 2018 which discusses the T2-C of interest:

One other aspect of the T2-C involves printing and then slitting labels.  To maximize the productivity of an 8” wide printer, you may want to run labels “Multiple-Up”.  With the T2-C, the printer comes with the capability to slit while printing.  Watch this video to see what I mean:

I’m excited by the prospect of printing flexible packaging on-demand; producing what you need, when you need them.  Contact us if you use flexible packaging and are interested in this new capability.

Guy Mikel


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