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Color Label Solutions

Saturday, February 11, 2017

WestPack 2017

Color Label Solutions exhibited at WestPack ( Anaheim from February 7th to 9th again this year.

Beatriz Molina At WestPack
Beatriz Molina At WestPack
In addition to demonstrating the C7500, C7500G, the C3500 and the C831, we showed an exciting new item; the CMYK printer with the Fixed Thickness Feeder.  Now you can print coasters, coffee sleeves, bags, cards, corrugated boxes and any number of thick items on-demand in color.  Watch us print here:

The CYMK printer is the perfect income producer for printers and manufacturers who want to print thick paper and other inkjet-coated items.  The CYMK printer and feeder ushers in a new age of on-demand printing, enabling many more personalized items at a much lower cost and labor requirement.

CMYK Printed Coaster
CMYK Printed Coaster
For the first time at the show, we demonstrated the 8” version of this printer.  You may remember, we demonstrated a 4” version at WestPack for folded corrugated boxes:

And erected corrugated boxes at EastPack last year:

In addition to the new 8” version, we’ll release a new RIP (raster image process) for the CYMK printer next month.  This new RIP will enable better, higher resolution printing with more image and color control.  Look for more information shortly.

In addition out the new CYMK printer, we saw in-person a new item we’ll begin selling next month; the BenchMax round container applicator integrated with the C7500 and C3500 printer:

C3500 Integrated With BenchMax Applicator
C3500 Integrated With BenchMax Applicator
This new applicator launches next month once the Interface devices receives approval.

BenchMax Interface
BenchMax  Applicator Interface
The Interface sets between the printer, applicator and the computer; managing the print jobs based on the output of the applicator.  You can watch the C7500 with the BenchMax here:

At approximately $10,000, the BenchMax is the most affordable round container applicator available that is integrated with the C7500 and the C3500 label printers.  This unit is perfect for chemical, food, beverage or other manufacturers with round containers that want to apply labels more productively and accurately; in the same position every time.

In addition, I learned that the BenchMax could be configured with a Thermal Transfer printer to apply over-laminate on labels produced by the C7500.  With this system, you can use much less expensive materials; and then apply over-laminates to add durability and a glossy look.  It’s an elegant solution to a common requirement.

Finally, I saw the Swiftcolor 4” color label and tag printer print and cut great looking tags on-demand.

SwiftColor Printed Tag
SwiftColor Printed Tag

Watch the Swiftcolor print/cut 20 4” x 1” tags in 4 seconds here: 

The Swiftcolor printer is perfect for apparel manufactures who need to print tags and care labels on-demand and in-color.

I’m very excited by the prospects of the new 8” CYMK printer with the Fixed Feeder, the BenchMax integrated with the C7500 color label printer and the Swiftcolor printer for apparel tags.  If you are a printer, the CYMK printer and Feeder are the prefect addition to your production assets.  If you use round containers and want to print color labels on demand, the BenchMax applicator is a great new option for you.  And if you are an apparel manufacture, the Swiftcolor printer offers a new capability to produce great looking tags on-demand and in color.  Contact us to learn more about these valuable new machines.

Guy Mikel

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