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Color Label Solutions

Friday, February 5, 2016

Proper Label Application

Recently, I had two customers with issues of the labels adhering to their containers.

Label Adhering Improperly

Labels Adhering Improperly
In the process of investigating these adherence issues, I learned something about labels that I wanted to share.

As background, both of these labels were made of paper. Plus both were being applied in relatively cool warehouse temperatures as it is winter.  Also, these labels were relatively large; some over 11” long.  Lastly, the paper and adhesive (a true high performance adhesive) is a very large selling label product, with a large volume production.  It’s used across the world.

After learning of the issues, we contacted the original manufacturer of the paper labels; and had them test the adhesive.  During the tests, they learned the adhesive was applied consistently; no issue.  However, they asked, “how was the label applied?”  From this question, I learned how you apply the label makes a difference in adhesion.

According to the manufacturer, “In the photos, it looks like it is the same corner is lifting. One or two corner edge lift is often caused by how the label is removed from the liner. Believe it or not there is a correct and incorrect way to remove a label from the liner.”

Continuing, the manufacturer said, “The incorrect way to remove a label from the liner will break the paper fibers resulting in one or two corners of the label lifting away from the application surface over a period of time.  Do not pull the label back against itself, this results in a tight curl which breaks paper fibers and induces label edge lift – see photos.”

Correct/Incorrect Way To Apply Labels
“The correct way to avoid label adhesion issues is to remove the liner from the label.
Adequate pressure needs to be applied across the entire label to ensure adhesive contact with the surface of the substrate being labeled”, stated the manufacturer.

Once we learned of this application technique, we were able to replicate the adherence issue ourselves:

To help further, we found a video from Datamax O’Neil on the proper way to separate the liner from the paper.   

Who knew this technique could make such a big difference!

Please know; I’m not saying application will solve all adhesion/adhesive issues involving labels.  But you can improve the look and function of labels with proper application.

And if you need more effective and better support for your labels, contact us.  We’ll help you find the best label option for your print on-demand color solution.

Guy Mikel

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