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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It’s Time (To Trade-In Your Printers)

Good news for those of you considering purchasing new color label printers.  Epson America has announced a trade-in rebate program for those organizations purchasing either a C3500, C831 or C7500 color label printer.  When you trade-in one of these types of printers:

Any Thermal Transfer Printer
Zebra Trade In Rebate

Any Color Laser Printer
Laser Printer Trade In Rebate

ANY Inkjet Printer

And purchase from January 4th to June 30th, 2016 one of these printers (Even if you have already bought one this year):


C3500 Trade In Rebate
Purchase a C3500 and accessories here:


C831 Trade In Rebate

Purchase a C831 and accessories here: 


C7500 Trade In Rebate

Purchase a C7500 or C7500G and accessories here:

You'll qualify for these rebates:

  • $350 for the C3500 and C831
  • $750 for the C7500

Epson will publish shortly the details of how to return/ship the printer (at Epson’s cost) and how to enroll for the rebate.  We’ll insure you get your rebate for any purchases and returns you have completed.

From my perspective, these rebates are great for the following current situations:

  • C3400 user: Wanting to improve print quality and reduce ink costs by at least 50%.  No Brainer!!
  • Chemical company: required to comply with GHS.  Epson printers have become the standard to meet this requirement.
  • Thermal Transfer user: decided to move from monochrome (primarily black) to color to eliminate inventory of preprinted labels.
  • New Prime Label producer: Needs to print high-quality labels for their products.
  • Old Color Label Printer user: Current users of label printers tired of the costs and hassles of operating these printers: Memjet OEM’s (Afinia L-801, VIP700, Colordyne, etc.) QLS 4100, QLS Kiaro, QLS Vivo, Toshiba Tech 4-Color Thermal Transfer, VIP 485, VIP 495, Sheet Fed Laser such as the Lexmark 792 or Okidata C711, or any other color label printer ready for recycling.

If you are one of these types of organizations, contact us to insure you qualify for the rebate; and to get your new Epson color label printer ordered.  It’s Time To Trade Up!

Guy Mikel

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