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Monday, February 22, 2016

Color Adds Meeting "BUZZ"

Technology marketing is what BuzzBee (  does; it’s all they do; and they’re good at it. On their website, BuzzBee describes themselves as “marketers who know technology; technology geeks who know marketing.” With expertise in Alliance Marketing, Product and Service Marketing, Field Sales Enablement, Partner Readiness, and Demand Generation, BuzzBee is a Marketing firm focused strictly on clients.

Recently, BuzzBee had an opportunity with a Microsoft client to support their marketing efforts with the Office 365 team.  According to Brian Keefe, BuzzBee Office and IT Mgr, “BuzzBee was asked to design and print an individualized sticker as a booth giveaway at our client’s internal sales force trade show. The various colors selected by our client were part of the Office 365 group brand. Our client wanted attendees to walk away with a branded large format, customized label to put on the lid of their laptops.”

Based on their requirements, we suggested BuzzBee use a C3500 color label printer, durable matte poly continuous labels in various lengths and BarTender Professional to design and print the customized labels.   

Brian relates, “BarTender had the right features to do the job we needed; a good basic tool.  I'm not a designer but our Design Team was able to easily navigate the UI and find the features they needed. We haven't run into any limitations as of yet.”

Bartender was configured to use one of 5 templates for each of the 5 brand colors to create an individualized sticker for visitors to the booth. These templates were easily manipulated in Bartender to fit each visitor’s name, title or whatever they desired. A logo and flag shape was also part of the design. It took less than a minute to create a custom sticker and print it on the C3500. 400+ labels were printed during the two days of the show with the C3500 performing like a champ. Changing out media was a snap as more than four rolls were used. Only one issue during the two days presented itself.

C3500 Meeting Labels

As the labels were going on laptops, we recommended the durable Kimdura poly.  This label media not only is abrasion resistant, a key requirement for this application, but also is water fast and chemical resistant.

Brian continues, “Color Label Solutions was able to come up with a great solution, the C3500; and even provided tech support to get us up to speed on the use of this label printer. With just one hour on the phone with a tech that remoted into the laptop we used with the printer, drivers and Bartender software was installed and configured. I was given a thorough tour of the software and walked through the various preferences that needed to be set up. I only had one problem during the entire show and tech support was just a phone call away to get us up and running quickly”.

C3500 Meeting Labels

The issue occurred when a roll of media was inserted into the printer.  The peel strip separated from the liner, causing a media jam.  If you find the strip peeling, I suggest you remove the section of the label before inserting the roll into the printer.  Or just contact us.

If you need to provide meeting support like BuzzBee including names tags, you might find this post of interest:

At Color Label Solutions, it’s important to us that we get you started printing quickly and easily; and keep you printing.  Further, we aim to keep you printing; so customers can contact us anytime for questions or support.  We’d love to work with you on your on-demand color label printing solution.

Guy Mikel

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