Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Monday, September 16, 2013

First Of Many

TD Laser ( is a manufacturer of toner cartridges for lasers and copiers.  To protect customers, TD Laser guarantees all products will perform equal to the original cartridge.  In the unlikely event of one of their products causes’ damage to the printer or copier, TD Laser will repair or replace the machine.   In addition, TD Laser is one of the first users of the new TM-C3500 printer.


When asked why he wanted to move to color labels, Tony Drenth, owner of TD Laser, said, “I wanted to clean up our labels.  We had been placing color “dots on our labels to identify the correct toner color.


Tony continues, “By moving to color, we can add a color identifier easier than the manual “dot” process as well as make our labels look better.”

I approached Tony earlier about moving to print on-demand color labels.  However, he wanted to wait until an affordable printer was available that had 4 separate ink cartridges.  With 4 separate ink cartridges, lower ink costs and an affordable printer cost, the TM-C3500 was a good option for Tony.

In addition to purchasing a printer, TD Laser needed a means to cover up previous labels on a portion of the boxes they used.  To meet this requirements, we provided a label with opaque adhesive.  This label insures the previous label does not show through the new label.


If you want to begin adding color text, images, and highlights to your labels like TD Laser, give me a call.  We’ll make it easy and affordable for you to do.

Guy Mikel

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