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Color Label Solutions

Monday, September 23, 2013

Juice Your Marketing (Using Color On Labels)

After reading Tom Shapiro’s, “3 Ways to Juice Your Marketing Results Using Color” (,  I decided to repost this article. 

In the story, Tom makes 5 statements about the use of color that works for labels.  Even a “functional” Shipping label, as well as Prime, Secondary, Industrial and Decorative labels accrue significant benefit by adding color.

#1:  We experience the world through colors. 
Imagine how different our life would be if we saw the world in only black and white.    Colors add context that you don’t get with only black. 

#2:  Color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%.

If you’re involved with an organization selling something, anything to customers, you should be working to identify ways to increase your brand recognition; even on lowly shipping labels.

#3:  People make subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds, and up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone!

When your customer sees a monochrome label, what assessment of your company do they make?  What assessment would they make if they saw your labels with color?

#4: 85% of shoppers cite color as a primary reason behind their product purchase decisions

You may say that “shoppers” don’t purchase our products; we sell to businesses.  But Buyers, Operation Managers, Shippers and others inside organizations are people too that make decisions about your products.  Do they see color!

#5:  Color helps people remember brands longer and decide what to buy.
What do customers remember about your company after seeing your labels?  If you want to leave them with a positive image, move to print on –demand color.

If you use monochrome labels anywhere in your operation, ask yourself, “What is the response when our customer’s see a monochrome label?” 

Then ask, “Would our customer’s respond differently if they saw our brand, an image, color text or color blocks on our labels?”

I believe that once you ask yourself and your Marketing colleagues this second question, you’ll see how obvious and how important the decision to move to color on your labels is.  Below is my shipping label.


Talk to your Marketing colleagues about adding color to all of your labels.  If you want to start adding color to your labels, contact me.  I’ll help you get started “juicing” your Marketing with print on-demand color labels.

Guy Mikel

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