Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Monday, August 26, 2013

Prefilled Prescription Labels

Prescript Pharmaceuticals ( the risk of dispensing prescriptions to patients by packaging and labeling individual prescription containers.  As a licensed repackager, Prescript Pharmaceuticals meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements and applicable Federal and State regulations virtually eliminating the most common risks associated with pharmacy packaging and labeling.

m-pack label

In addition to repackaging, Prescript offers a dispensing solution called 5MRX Dispensary.  According to Bill Hartig, President of Prescript Pharmaceuticals, “5MRX Dispensary is a complete dispensing solution, from small physician offices to large pharmacies.  Traditional dispensary methods are inefficient, taking lots of time and space.  Plus these methods introduce potential errors into the dispensing and labeling process.  With our new dispensary solution, we eliminate the potential for dispensing errors.”

5MRX Dispensary includes the software application, Dispensary.  The Dispensary software application allows you to track and trace new prescriptions & refills; order, receive, dispense, and transfer filled pharmaceutical vials; and import/export data for reports, including controlled substance submissions.

In addition, the 5MRX Dispensary includes modular, stackable and lockable storage containers:


as well as revolutionary, new m-pack® pharmacy vials from M-Pack Systems ( 


The m-pack’s flat design features 1.8X label space, allowing for the opportunity to communicate more important information in larger type sizes on an easy to read flat surface.  According to Bill, “with the m-pack vial, you can use much larger labels than traditional round vials.  Larger label real estate allows for bigger fonts, color images, highlights in color and QR Codes to communicate important information to the end user; reducing potential errors further.  Plus, m-pack flat shape is 1/3rd more space efficient than an equivalent round vial; and is stackable, rackable and shippable making prepacking much more effective.”

With the larger label size, the Dispensary solution is perfect for print on-demand color labels.  Bill recommends the Epson color label printer for pharmacies to print m-pack vial labels when required at the point of service.   See Bill’s label design including the pill image with number.


Prescript Pharmaceuticals sells the hardware (storage containers, etc.), and licenses the software for a monthly fee. 

After seeing this solution, one key point has become clear to me:  Combining the larger labels on the m-pack vial with software from companies such as Prescript Pharmaceuticals will make print on-demand color labels the industry standard in pharmacies in the very near future.  Contact me if you want to discuss how you or your customers can deploy a print on-demand color label pharmacy solution.

Guy Mikel

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