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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pharmacy Labels; Print On-Demand Color

From August 10 to 13th, I attended the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo in Las Vegas (, demonstrating print on-demand color labels with M-Pack Systems (  For those of you who did not see my demonstration, please read on.


The mission of NACDS is to advance the interests and objectives of the chain community pharmacy industry, by fostering its growth and promoting its role as a provider of healthcare services and consumer products.  NACDS accomplished this mission completely at their Total Store Expo with more than 3,000 retailers and exhibitors attending the show.  To see the participating companies, look here:

Color Label Solutions

At the expo, I participated with M-Pack Systems, creator of the m-pack, the first new pharmacy vial since 1955.

m-pack’s flat design features 1.8X or more label space than traditional round vials, allowing pharmacists to communicate important information in larger, bolder, and highlighted fonts on an easy to read flat surface.  Larger label real estate allows for color images, automated color warning labels and QR codes to communicate important information better to patients; improving both compliance and adherence.  Plus, m-pack’s flat shape is 1/3rd more space efficient than an equivalent round vial; and is stackable, rackable and shippable making central fill, mail order and prepacking much more effective.


To print the pharmacy labels, I used the just introduced TM-C3500 color label printer from Epson.  With speeds up to 4” per second, 4 colors, improved print quality and lower ink costs, the TM-C3500 is perfect for adding images, colors, larger fonts and QR codes to pharmacy labels quickly and easily.  To learn more this label printer, visit these sites:

Check out this video printing color pharmacy labels on-demand:

According to Richard Lee, Executive Vice President of M-Pack, “m-pack is the most compliant package in the industry, with many more features than round vials.  With our package, you get consulting at the point of use, as well as visual cues like large fonts, more white space, highlighting, colors and QR codes to improve compliance and adherence.  The m-pack is all about product safety.”

Tom Guschke, Chief Executive Officer of M-Pack says, “m-pack is a better alternative for patients, pharmacies and healthcare overall.  With our ecosystem of partners including Color Label Solutions, we are offering total solutions and not just products.”

William Negrini, President of M-Pack adds, “the m-pack solution is disruptive technology.  With m-pack, you get not only a safer, more efficient vial, but also print on-demand color at the same approximate cost as black only direct thermal pharmacy labels.”

The NACDS Total Store Expo was a valuable investment for Color Label Solutions; and hopefully you as well.  If you think adding color, images, and larger fonts to your pharmacy labels would be valuable, contact me to discuss how we can help you make this transition to a better, safer and more compliant alternative.

Guy Mikel


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