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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kimdura = Better Results

The Technical Products business of Neenah Paper, Inc. (  is a leading producer of filtration media and other durable, saturated, and coated substrates for a variety end markets. They focus their business on categories where Neenah is a market leader or have a competitive advantage, including label applications with the well-known KIMDURA® brand family.


With its smudge resistant coating, KIMDURA® Synthetic Paper ( durable media with continuous outdoor weather-resistance for extended periods. KIMDURA® Multi-Task is engineered in various thicknesses and offers extraordinary edge-tear resistance and superior print fidelity.

According to Michael O’Connell of Neenah Paper, “we offer several types of KIMDURA® branded synthetic papers designed for industrial and medical applications in which  thermal transfer printing, dot matrix printing or ordinary hand writing applications; and now KIMDURAR®  Inkjet for Harsh Environments meets the needs in the industrial environment with on demand color.  Neenah Paper produces a version made from polypropylene (Specification 7270PO) for the medical industry and a version made from High-Density Polyethylene (Specification 7363PO) for harsh environments.”

 You may have heard of this KIMDURA® product for inkjet printers in my earlier posts.  First, I wrote about Neenah Paper and Epson receiving the BS5609 certification for the marine shipment of chemicals:  

Second, you may have seen the press release covering this new development:  

Third, you may have seen one of my posts covering an application using this durable media, including this post covering seafood tracking:   

When reviewing this new media, Michael stated, “the inkjet printed Kimdura is very durable.  Compared to the industry standard thermal transfer coated polyester printed with a resin ribbon in a thermal transfer printer, the Kimdura inkjet for harsh environments with the Epson ink is much more durable.   Our partners and Neenah have found much better results with common solvents such as acetone, toluene and MEK from Kimdura for inkjet/Epson ink combination compared to standard polyester/resin ribbon combination.

Cheryl Bahr, of Wausau Coated ( is selling the Kimdura film with their adhesive coating.  According to Cheryl, “After Epson and Neenah received Section #3 BS5609 approval, we submitted and received Section #2 BS5609 certification on our drum label adhesive and the Kimdura film.  This new product is taking off nicely, given how well it fits the requirements for GHS drum labels”.  If you want to learn more about their adhesive coated film for GHS from Wausau, go to this page:


Not only is the KIMDURA® for inkjet/Epson ink is more durable, it appears to be less expensive also (Total Cost of Use).  In this post, the Epson GP-C831 ink costs significantly less than the resin ribbon commonly recommended and used in thermal transfer printers for durable poly media:  As much as 70+% less!

If you are an end user, reseller or a converter, contact me to learn where you can purchase Kimdura inkjet for harsh environments for durable label printing.  I would be happy to connect you with the correct person for this exciting new media.

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