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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Customizing My Nectar

Since day one, Hummingbird Market ( invested resources and energy into producing innovative hummingbird nectar; offering quality hummingbird products.  Over the past years, their nectar has evolved, introducing the best-in-class products for our customer’s hummingbirds.  Hummingbird Market is grateful for their consumers’ support and loyalty over the years.


To grow their business, Hummingbird Market decided to begin offering customized products to the resellers of their products.  According to Douglas Everett, owner of Hummingbird Market, “our resellers wanted to sell products under their own brands using their own logos.  As we design our own labels in Adobe Illustrator, we need a means to print labels when and in the amount we required for each order.  Based on this need, we begin looking for a label printer.”


To help Douglas decide if the Epson TM-C3400 met their requirements, I printed label samples for him to review.  After reviewing the samples, Douglas purchased a printer and media.  Once Doug had the media, I showed Douglas and their designer how to use and the capabilities of the TM-C3400.  Hummingbird Market has designed the labels with the capabilities and limitations of the TM-C3400 in mind; great graphics with a basic white background make for nice looking labels.

According to Douglas, “since starting to offer the personalized reseller products in the last month, we sold more than an extra ton of nectar.  Offering these products has been a great addition to our business.”

In addition to their reseller custom products, Hummingbird Market has developed an even more interesting and new business models.  First, this company enables their customer’s to personalize products to give as gifts;  What a unique gift to give!!

Second, Hummingbird Market now offers personalized products for fund raising. 

From my perspective, Douglas has found a fantastic way to increase his business; mass customization of products using print on-demand color labels.  You and your customers in a wide range of business should consider customizing products like Hummingbird Nectar.

My Personal Bag of  Hummingbird Nectar
And do me a favor; please support Hummingbird Market!  Contact them today.

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