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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, January 26, 2012

BINGO: Increasing Sales with Print On-Demand Labels

Bonanza Press (www.bonanzapress.comhas been creating and manufacturing high-quality, entertaining and profitable charitable and social gaming products for over 30 years,  specializing in short-run, custom games.  Bonanza tickets are used throughout North America, backed by recognized creative team, knowledgeable sales staff and people who love what they do and serving customers. 

As a producer of hundreds of creative, colorful games, Bonanza wanted to improve the look of their labels.  Historically, Bonanza used thermal transfer printers to produce black only barcodes and text.  Using these labels, however, caused problems internally and for their distributors.  According to Richard Norris, President of Bonanza Press, “As we produce a large number of different games, it is very difficult for our distributors and even our employees to know exactly what game is inside the case looking only at the text and a number on a label”.


To improve this situation, Richard went looking for a print on-demand color label solution; and found after some time the Epson TM-C3400.  Once they had the printer, Bonanza had difficulty finding media that worked.  “We tried a variety of media, including the labels we use with our thermal transfer printers.  None of these labels worked until we received media designed for the inkjet printer” said Richard. 

For the new on-demand color labels, a Bonanza designer created PDF’s with an image of the game as well as the revenue and profit % for every game. 


As the games are produced, Bonanza created a simple application to select the correct PDF to print locally at labeling solution.

Since adding the new labels, Bonanza has found their sales have increased.  “With the images on the labels, our distributors find and pick games in their warehouses easier and faster.  This picking advantage has increase our sales” according to Richard.


In addition, Bonanza will add on-demand color labels to other products.  In one label application, Bonanza uses 22 different colors as names for their games.  In the near future, Bonanza will produce the text in these labels in color also.

For companies like Bonanza, print on-demand color labels can improve business processes, such as picking, both internally and for their customers.  These new processes can not only save money; but may even help increase sales like Bonanza experienced.  Be sure to help your customers by recommending print on-demand color labels.

Guy Mikel

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