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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Preroll Label Applicator

If you produce and sell prerolls, you know the hassle of applying labels to these tubes.  With the CTM Tabletop Wrap Label Applicator, you can eliminate this tedious and costly activity.
CTM Wrap Label Applicator
CTM Wrap Label Applicator

Watch this applicator apply labels to our customer’s CoolJars tubes:

When our customer first saw this video, their response was “Awesome”!  This customer has production lots of 30,000+ prerolls.  Further, they have to begin applying batch ID’s on their tubes prior to receiving their test result data which is included on the final label.  This applicator will make applying both of these labels much easier.

You might also like to watch the CTM video of this label applicator.

And look at some of the applied labels on a different tube size.

Auto Applied Labels on CoolJarz Prerolls
Auto Applied Labels on CoolJarz 116 mm Tubes

The Tabletop Wrap Label Applicator works as follows:
“Round products are manually loaded onto the infeed magazine. The indexing starwheel will remove one product at a time from the infeed magazine with each indexing motion. Once products have been captured by the starwheel, they are indexed to the labeling station where a powered roller spins the product as the label is applied. Labeled products will then continue around the starwheel until they fall onto the exit chute where they will fall into a collection hopper (collection hopper or box is not included.)”

What I find great about this applicator is the “Machined Starwheel”.  This component is machined for the exact tube you have; even those tubes with a taper.  The capability to change the Starwheel allows for many different tube and label sizes.

Although named “Tabletop Wrap Label Applicator”, this machine is not small:  40" H, 48" W, 25" D and weighs 250 pounds.  It does need to sit on a sturdy table for easy operation.

With tapered tubes, you do need to consider your label sizes as well.  If you place a rectangle label on a tapered tube, you’ll get a gap that is not consistent top to bottom:

Rectangle Labels on Tapered Tubes

To eliminate this inconsistent gap, plan on using tapered labels.  For example, we would recommend on this tube a label size of 4” x (2” on bottom side and 2.25” on the top side were the tube is larger).  Using this taper label, you will make the gap consistent and potentially more visually appealing.  We can work with you to insure the label fits your tapered tube.

As a producer of prerolls, you can save a lot of time and money by automating your label application.  Contact us to discuss how the CTM Tabletop Wrap Label Applicator can work for you.

Guy Mikel

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