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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, January 19, 2020

C6000 Series Winders

If you are considering the Epson C6000 series printers, you need to consider winders as well for this printer. DPR has both unwinder and rewinder for these important new printers.
C6000 Winders DPR
C6000 Winders
 Watch the video of the DPR winders here:  

Or a shorter version here:

Download the brochure here:  

Given the 8.375” C6500A and C6500P printers come with only the capability for a 6” OD, I believe many if not most users of these wider printers will want an unwinder to enable larger rolls.  You can order either the unwinder, rewinder or both.  A plate is required for any of the 3 possible setups to ensure the labels are fed into or out of the printer straight.

C6000 Unwinder
C6000 Unwinder
When asked why the rewinder is behind the unwinder, Michael Panzeri, Vice President of DPR, said, “With the rewinder in the back, it enables the user to wind either the label itself or the liner if they are using the Peel and Present mode.  Further, it enables the label to be wound either face in or out.  The rear rewinder makes this configuration very flexible.” 

C6000 Rewinder
Michael did say that DPR will release another rewinder for the front of the C6000A or C6500A that will sit in front.  This front facing rewinder will prevent any predispensing of labels during rewinding using the cutter versions of the printer.

If you don’t know about the C6000 series printers from Epson, learn more here: 


To purchase the DPR unwinder for the C6000 printers, visit our store: 

To purchase the DPR rewinder for the C6000 printers, visit our store here:

And don’t forget to purchase the plate:

With the unique capabilities,
  • High print resolution
  • 8.375” max print width
  • Peel & Present
  • MAC, Linux and SAP connectivity
  • Spot Color Replacement
  • Network Management
  • ZPL datastream printing

The C6000 series printers will be a big hit in the label print market.  Purchase your C6000 printers here:

Or contact us to learn more about the C6000 printers and the DPR winders.

Guy Mikel

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