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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Delta 9

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Delta 9 Systems,  www.delta9systems.coman industry leader and innovator in the areas of identification, labeling, data capture, and workflow efficiencies; helping cannabis companies improve productivity and enhance profitability.  As a division of our parent company, General Data,, the Delta 9 team brings a deep understanding of the cannabis industry to work for today’s industry pros. Their cannabis experience goes back to the very beginnings of the Industry on the West Coast; including operating Collective Gardens, Recreational production and Retail operations. They speak the language, know the workflow and understand the challenges of the cannabis industry.

As discussed in the post about the merger of Color Label Solutions, General Data wanted our company given our position in the cannabis market:   Delta 9 is a continuation of this effort to help growers and manufacturers integrate time and cost saving technologies required by today’s cannabis industry.  They help companies streamline work in process and finish good inventory, trace assets, and improve shipping and receiving operations.

Chris Guthrie, the General Manager of Delta 9, describes the current market as Cannabis 2.0.  According to Chris, “Cannabis 2.0 is about the data. The consistent production of great flower and oil is now the minimum requirement of a cannabis business. The numbers a garden produces and the way that data is collected, stored and acted on will determine the success of an operation. In a heavily regulated, highly competitive market like cannabis, operators will live and die by the data they can see and act upon.”  To learn more about Cannabis 2.0, read this post from Chris:

Chris Guthrie
When asked what solution is the most important for a cannabis operation, Chris replied, “I believe the Mobile Traceability Cart will help the majority of companies.  Currently, many cultivators have their traceability system set up in the office, far away from their growing operation.  With a mobile system, operators can move their traceability system to growth rooms, or to packaging; where ever it is needed. With the current state requirements, cultivators need to track and identify every in-process batch and all waste.  Our Mobile Traceability Cart solution makes this required tracking easy to do, and will improve the operation as well.”

The Mobility Traceability Cart System include 5 components. First, the Newcastle QC510 Mobile Powered Workstation.

Cannabis Mobility Cart
Mobility Cart
With built in power source and strip, this cart saves labor, reduces errors and improves data collection.

In addition to the cart, the Mobility Traceability Cart includes an Elo TouchSystems ESY22i2 All In One Touch Screen Computer. 

Elo Touchscreen for Cannabis
Elo Touchscreen for Cannabis

The 22-inch I-Series for Windows is a multi-purpose fixed tablet, and delivers commercial-grade computing for the cannabis workflow. 

Also, the Mobility Traceability Cart includes a Datalogic Gryphon Scanner.

Datalogic Gryphon Scanner for Cannabis
Datalogic Gryphon Scanner
The Gryphon Scanner is designed to capture barcode data for in-process and finish good inventory as well as asset tracking.

The Traceability Cart also includes the Star Micronics Scale:

Star Micronics Scale for cannabis
Star Micronics Scale
perfect for the precision measurements of cannabis processing. 

And finally, the Citizen CL-E321 label printer to add barcodes to plants, waste and/or inventory.

Citizen CL-E321 Barcode Printer for cannabis
Citizen CL-E321 Barcode Printer
Discussing the Mobility Traceability Cart, Chris says “Traceability infrastructure is important with Cannabis 2.0.  Both Mom & Pop as well as Multi-State operations have the same requirements for track and trace.  And both type of operations will benefit from improvements derived from the information gleaned from this type of traceability system.”

Depending on your requirements, Chris and his team at Delta 9 Systems can built a system to meet your individual needs and budget.  Contact Delta 9 at delta9@general-data.comor call 877-303-8957.  If you prefer, contact us at Color Label Solutions.  We’ll work with the experts at Delta 9 to install the traceability system that meets your needs.

And if you work outside of the cannabis market, but still need traceability, contact us.  We'll help with your trace and trace requirements. 

Guy Mikel

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