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Color Label Solutions

Monday, December 18, 2017

Affordable Digital Label Solution

If you are one of the two following types of companies:

  • A printer who wants to start printing professional looking labels
  • A manufacturer with lots of SKU’s who needs a large variety of sizes/types of labels

And neither one of these types of companies want to spend a lot of money.

We have a great solution for you; the C7500G combined with the Eclipse Mini Finishing Station.

Eclipse Mini Finishing Station
Eclipse Mini Finishing Station
For approximately $20,000, you can now print, laminate, die-cut and weed labels up to 4.25” wide; that look similar to labels produced by very expensive presses. 

I first saw the Eclipse Mini at Label Expo Europe.  Read about the Eclipse Mini here:

Recently, I had the Eclipse Digital Label Finishing Machines, , which is a division of Impression Europe, print and finish labels for us.  Watch here the C7500G print labels:

By printing multi up, you can print any width labels up to 4.25” wide and up to 22” long using the C7500G in continuous mode; and combined with the Eclipse Mini Finishing Station.  Watch the Eclipse Mini finish these same labels here:

And you get great looking labels:

C7500G/Eclipse Mini Finished Labels
C7500G/Eclipse Mini Finished Labels

In addition to printing great looking, durable labels, you can produce labels relatively easily.  The most difficult aspect of printing/finishing the labels with the C7500G and Eclipse Mini is the process requires someone who understands Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  You need this expertise to add the die lines on the label artwork.  Once the correct die line template is establish, you use this same setup on each label of the same size.  If interested, we can send you the instructions to create the cut-line graphic for the Eclipse Mini.

The C7500G is the most affordable and easy to use means to produce professionally-looking and durable labels available.  If you are a printer who wants to start selling great looking labels, or a manufacturer with lots of SKU’s who wants to produce professionally looking labels in house, consider the C7500G and Eclipse Mini solution.

Guy Mikel

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