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Sunday, July 12, 2015

NFC In Color

FlexStr8, Inc. ( develops, manufactures, and markets integrated smart label systems, smart labels, encoders, and NFC software; and a partner of Color Label Solutions.

NFC Enabled Label
FlexStr8 NFC-Enabled Label
FlexStra8 has developed the world’s first NFC-enabled color label clip-on encoder using the TM-C3500 printer.  With the clip-on NFC encoder, FlexStra8 has made it easy to upgrade a TM-C3500 to encode and print NFC labels.

FlexStr8 Encoder
FlexStr8 Encoder/Software
To learn more about NFC, read this Wikipedia description: 


And to learn more about the FlexStr8 NFC solution, check out their video.  This 3 minute video tells you much more about the technology. particular attention to the potential applications FlexStr8 sees for this solution.

According to Eric Casavant, FlexStra8 Product Engineer, “for $1,199, you get everything you need to start encoding and printing NFC enabled labels; clip-on encoder, label design/encoding software and 500 labels.  With the potential of this technology, it’s a great and affordable way to test how NFC enable labels would benefit your operation. In one easy to use solution, you can print color labels for your products on-demand with an imbedded NFC tag.”

Continuing, Eric says, “more and more consumers have smart phones with NFC enable readers. Now, labels can do more than support your brand or provide use instructions.  You give your labels a voice; a way for your customers to interact directly with your company”.  To see a list of available NFC enable devices, check out this Wikipedia page:

After working in the RFID market for some time, (check out my Linked-In profile to see more about my experience in RFID:, my focus in my discussions with FlexStr8 was on the potential applications for the technology; the combination of print on-demand color and NFC.  Here are a few examples.

NFC Enabled Label
NFC Enabled Color Label

NFC Website On Mobile Phone
NFC Directed Website On My Nexus 5
First, you can now direct your prospects or consumers to a specific URL, to provide more specific information than what’s written on the label.  For example, you can:
  •      Provide addition use directions or product manuals.  For example, GHS label information or SDS sheets.
  •      Tie consumers directly to your social media pages.
  •      Offer specific language based on the default language of the browser settings of your customer.
  •      Make it easier for customers to repurchase your products by directing them to the product purchase page.
To elaborate, the idea to direct global customers to the language of their choice is an interesting feature of a NFC label.  According to Eric, “effectively, you can now put all possible languages on your label.  This capability makes global labels more feasible; especially chemical products that now require extensive GHS information in the specific country language.”

Second, you can use the NFC chip to launch an application on the customer’s smart phone; or take the customer to the app store to download and install an application.  Now your label can become a means to distribute applications your company builds to strengthen your relationship with customers.  For example, our customer Hummingbird Nectar can not only connect customers to their Hummingbird cam:,  but also provide an application that make it easy to identify specific species of hummingbirds (if available). 

Third, event organizers can load v-card information onto a NFC tag; to make contact information readily available.  Lead tracking at events just became easier to do.

Fourth, the NFC tag can be used as an anti-counterfeit device.  Now you can encrypt a unique identification on the NFC tag that connects to a cloud based database to confirm the product as valid.  According to Eric, “FlexStr8 can provide the cloud based database; or will work with our customer to integrate the solution into their existing online validation tools.”

Overall, the FlexSt8 application enables companies to connect with their customers, providing significantly more value that what’s available from a standard label. To learn more or to purchase your FlexStr8 encoder to add to a TM-C3500, contact us.  And begin testing how NFC capabilities will improve your products.

Guy Mikel


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