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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Epson has launched an alternate configuration to its new Colorworks C7500; the C7500G.  Recently, I met with Andrew Moore, Product Manager and Keigo Ejiri, Engineering Liason, to learn more about and to see a demo of the C7500G.

In the past, you may have seen some of our other posts on the C7500 color label printer:

When we met, my first question to Andrew was, what’s the difference between the C7500 and the C7500G? According to Andrew, “It’s the ink.  The C7500G uses a variation of Epson UltraChrome ink, is used in the Epson Stylus Pro Printers (  This ink works on a wider range of gloss media than the DuraBRITE ink used in the C7500, C3500 and C831 printers ( Both inks are pigment based, which make them very durable.”

C7500G on Gloss Paper Labels
C7500G on Gloss Paper Labels
For a better understanding, here is a definition of gloss paper:

As described to me, the challenge with glossy media is the high speed of the C7500.  The C7500 is so fast that the standard ink did not have a chance to fully dry on glossy media resulting in some risk of ink transfer or image defects.  The UltraChrome based inks dry much faster on glossy substrates opening up a wider range of media that the C7500 family can handle. 

C7500 on Gloss Paper Labels

Gloss Paper Label; both C7500 and C7500G
On top, gloss labels printed with the C7500G; and on bottom, gloss labels printed with the C7500.

Although you may not see it in the picture, I found the C7500 had slightly darker colors.  See if you can tell the differences in the yellow around the showerhead or the light orange in the Nutritional Facts.  Therefore, if a customer’s specific gloss media allowed sufficient time to dry, I would recommend using the standard C7500.  For sure the standard C7500 provided better print quality on matte.  

C7500 printed on matte paper labels
On top, matte labels printed with the C7500G; and on the bottom matte labels printed with the C7500.

Again see the differences; the yellow around the showerhead and the orange in the Nutritional Facts are darker on the bottom labels printed on matte with the C7500.

I did ask Andrew, can you place ink for the “G” printer in the standard C7500?  According to Andrew, “you can’t mix ink for the C7500 in the C7500G and visa-versa.  In addition, you need to use a different driver for the different printers as well.”

Based on my understanding of the differences, I would recommend using the C7500 if you print both matte and gloss labels.  If you need very glossy labels, the C7500G will be the right choice.

Most importantly, you should contact Color Label Solutions if you are interested in a C7500 printer; as we’re the experts with this technology. To purchase the C7500, visit our store. 


Guy Mikel

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