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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Special" Labels Required

Most every day or at least every week, we get requests for “special” labels.  Not Church Lady “Special” however:

What I mean by special are labels that are NOT matte paper, gloss paper or matte poly; the standard labels available for on demand color label printing.

GP-C831 Opaque Label
Opaque Label

Here are four types of special labels we sell for specific applications.

First, we’re getting calls of “Opaque” labels.  These labels are required to cover up existing labels, eliminating the requirement to remove the previous labels.  We have companies using these labels on drums that are imported into the USA from 3rd party companies.  To make these labels light proof, we have added an opaque adhesive:

GP-C831 Opaque Label
Black Adhesive on Opaque Label
In the picture, you can see how the adhesive blocks the light to prevent the underling image to show through.  For this application, the opaque label works great.

Second and in addition to opaque, we’re selling “Removable” labels; labels that you can remove after applying.

Removable C3500 Label
Removable C3500 Label on Glass
Removable C3500 Label
Removable C3500 Label on Glass
These labels are made of poly so they don’t tear.  Plus they have an adhesive that is durable, yet will peel without leaving residue behind.   We’re selling these labels for companies who want to ship product to Europe using English/German GHS language; and then relabel in French for example.  For this application, the removable labels work perfect.

Third, we’re selling labels for the cryogenic storage of chemicals; down to -80 degrees F.

Cryogenic C3500 Labels
Cryogenic C3500 Labels

Again, these labels are made of poly; and have an adhesive that works down to the required -80F temperature.  On the picture above with the .625” tall label, the font is only 4 point.  We’re getting good print quality for such a small font and images on these labels.

Fourth, we have an eggshell paper. Wikipedia says eggshell is meant as a representation of the average color of a chicken egg.

Inkjet Eggshell Paper Labels
Eggshell Color Paper Labels

Combined with the print quality from the C7500, the eggshell paper produced a beautiful label.  See the label from our customer, Hummingbird Market above.  You may find our earlier post on Hummingbird Market of interest:  We can also get this same paper in white.

You may be saying, “These types of labels are readily available for thermal transfer printers; they’re not special”.  However, we’re selling these labels for inkjet printers.  We’ve worked with our plant for some time to get these types of labels produced.

Two types of labels we’re still testing are inkjet coated film and gloss poly.  We’ve not really found materials that are sufficiently durable and affordable.  You might find our earlier post on this topic of interest:

When you have a unique application or need “Special” labels, contact us here at Color Label Solutions.  We’ve find the labels you need.

Guy Mikel

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