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Color Label Solutions

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dust & Label Printers

Not all factories that need to print color labels on-demand are clean like this one:

Color Label Printers
C3400 Label Printers In Production

In fact, many factory locations that need to print labels are dusty.  In the TM-C3500 Technical Reference Guide, Epson states, “Do not use in locations subject to high humidity or dust levels. Excessive humidity and dust may cause equipment damage or fire.”

In addition, the Technical Reference Manual states: Do not place the printer in a dusty location.

The reason for this warning is that dust may plug or damage the inkjet nozzles.  Epson states the nozzles are reliable for up to 6 billion shots.  To keep the inkjet nozzles unplugged, both the C3500 and C7500 have “auto nozzle check systems” that detects missing dots or plugged nozzles.   

Once plugged, it is difficult to impossible to unplug an inkjet nozzle.  Plus the printer will waste ink attempting to unplug the nozzle.  And if a line starts showing in your prints, the printer may have a plugged nozzle. In many or most environments, I would recommend Disable the “Nozzle Verification” in either of these printers to save ink and time.

C7500 Nozzle
C7500 Nozzle Verification Setting
The number one means to keep dust out of your printer is by keeping the label media clean.  Be sure to keep all labels wrapped in plastic bags, preferably in the case in which they were shipped.

Labels In Protective Bags
Labels In Protective Bag
The plastic bags keep the rolls clean; and probably dry. If you keep labels in an open environment, be sure to cut off the outside layer or page on top of the stack before running it through the printer.  This steps eliminates a large part of the dust that could be carried into the printer and thus the printhead.

If you have a very dusty environment, consider adding an enclosure for your printer.

C3500 Dust Enclosure
C3500 Dust Protection Enclosure

We sell enclosures made with ABS plastic which is resistant to corrosion in damp or wet environments.  In addition, the enclosure we sell are printer specific; for the C3500, C7500 and the C831 printers.  Printer specific enclosures provide more protection; not just a box with a cut-out for the label to come out of the printer/enclosure.

Plus, the enclosures we sell come with a filter and fan to provide negative air pressure. 

The negative air pressure blows air out the front slot reducing the probability for dust to enter where the labels are ejected from the enclosure.

Finally, the enclosure we sell are affordable; making an additional small investment to keep your label printer assets running as required.  You don’t want to have your production shut down because of dust and a plugged inkjet nozzle.

And if you print labels in a wash down area, contact us as well.  We sell slightly different versions of these enclosures for where water is mandatory.

Although keeping labels in plastic bags, configuring your printers not to “check nozzles” and purchasing enclosures are not the perfect solutions for a dusty or wet environment, they do provide additional insurance and protection for your label printer assets.  Contact us if we can help you protect or configure your label printers.

Guy Mikel


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