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Monday, May 13, 2013

GHS Made Easy

3E Company (, a member of the Verisk Analytics Family of Companies,  offers a comprehensive suite of data products and information services that enables improved compliance with global Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) requirements related to the safe manufacturing, distribution, transportation, usage and disposal of chemicals.  3E Company's core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining EH&S compliance related data and making it available to their customers in a format that is easy and practical to use.

Recently, Lauren Smith, Manufacturing Account Manager for 3E, contacted me to discuss a customer wanting information on printing GHS labels.  During the conversation, I asked Lauren, how does your customer want to print the labels?  Lauren responded, “This customer uses our SDS Authoring Service to create their GHS labels.  With this service, 3E will send up-to-date PDF’s of their GHS labels to print and apply on their products”. 

After our call, Lauren connected me with Jenny Bingham in Marketing for 3E Company.  According to Jenny, “3E offers a broad suite of outsourced services, including SDS and Label Authoring (  These services can be tailored to an individual company’s needs. We provide GHS classification of substances and mixtures as a separate service or as a part of SDS's and label authoring for companies that need GHS classifications. 3E Company can also author SDSs in compliance with GHS requirements for the specific country or region that has adopted GHS.”


Jenny continues, “If a chemical manufacturer wants to create their own GHS compliant labels, 3E offers Ariel WebInsght™.   Ariel WebInsight™ online chemical regulatory compliance reference tool provides quick access to official GHS classifications, including substance classifications published by the Japanese, European, Korean, Taiwanese, and New Zealand authorities. This online tool features an innovative GHS mixture classification module, multilingual GHS labels, overviews and the full text of national GHS implementations, and a robust phrase library with GHS hazard and precautionary statements in more than 30 languages.”

“In addition,” says Jenny, “we offer GHS training for companies needing additional assistance learning about and conforming to GHS. Available training courses include general training on the implementation of GHS in specific countries around the globe, actual classification training, exploring the impact on MSDS's, and examining how new hazard communication and classification requirements impact a company’s business processes.”

After my discussions with Lauren and Jenny, I believe the service offered by 3E makes GHS compliance easy.  All a chemical manufacturer needs to build a complete GHS solution is the 3E’s Label Authoring Service, Epson printers and Epson BS5609 approved poly labels.

If you want to learn more about GHS, you may find my earlier posts of interest:

If you or your customers want to create and use GHS labels easily, contact me to discuss how 3E and I can work together to build you an easy-to-use solution.

Guy Mikel


  1. This is a great idea so that labeling is more universal and simple to understand. More importantly is that it is in compliance with GHS, which ensure safety. GHS Online Training is not offered as well which makes things easier.

  2. Really so greaceful and excellent idea to understand high label of GHS training and safety management at workplace as well as.

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  5. The UN introduced Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) at the core of which lies the Safety Data Sheet along with appropriate Labelling.(

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