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Friday, November 9, 2012

Unique Customer #2

Inkjet Carts ( has been selling commercial inks since 1979; adding a direct to consumer operation in 2006.  Inkjet Carts’ mission is to provide the best OEM inks and easy to use delivery systems.


According to Ross Hardie, founder/owner of Inkjet Carts, “I have wanted to use the Epson pigment inks for some time for my labels.  Before I started using the TM-C3400, I had 2, Primera LX 900 printers.  I hate the dye-based inks used by Primera in the LX-900 printer.  The dye-based inks smear too easy, making the labels look bad.  Also, the dye-based inks will fade over time, even indoors on shelves.  I need labels that last as long as the products themselves.”

In addition, Ross says, “the Lexmark printhead used in the Primera printers does not last very long.  Although it is a serviceable item, it is a pain to change.  It’s better to use an Epson printer as the printhead lasts a much longer time.”  You may want to look at my earlier post from Label Expo, where Primera talked to me about Lexmark exiting the inkjet business:  :

To design and print labels, Inkjet Carts uses Nicelabel software (  They have setup a user interface that enables them to select all the labels needed for a workorder just by holding the control or shift key and select the SKU’s with a mouse.  “With all of the possible combinations of products that our customer’s order, Nicelabel makes it easy to print the correct label”, says Ross.  In addition, “no way can we use preprinted labels as we have just too many SKU’s to carry the label inventory required.  We print only the labels we need, when we need them.”

Besides Inkjet Carts, InkCycle is another provider of refilled inks and toners using the TM-C3400.  You may remember my earlier post covering their application:   InkCycle also tried to use the Primera printer.  However, they could not get this device to work on their network.

In the TM-C3400, Epson uses Durabrite inks.   If interested, here is a more technical summary of these proprietary inks:  These inks are so durable, Epson has received British Marine Standard, BS5609 certification, that enables the marine shipment of chemicals when matched with Kimdura media from Neenah.  To learn more, check out my earlier post on this topic:  

You may find this post on the durability of ink also interesting.  Labeling Solutions uses a poly tag with the TM-C3400 to track live-caught seafood:  Inkjet Carts is testing this material from Stafford Press ( for shelf tags.  

If you need durable, yet colorful labels, be sure to use pigment- based inks for your print on-demand labels.  Send me a JPEG or PDF of you labels; and I’ll send you samples to test the durability of these labels in your operation.

Guy Mikel


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