Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Monday, November 26, 2012

Label Your Consumables

Pacific Labeling Integration (PLI) is known for high quality products and system design. PLI leads the way as one of Label-Aire's most respected distributors.  The staff of PCL serves the labeling needs of their customers; from product sales and repair to development of the most reliable, cost efficient, and creative labeling solutions. 


At Pack Expo, (  I met Robert Claproth, President of PLI; and we agreed to meet in their Ontario, CA office after the show.  “I’m interested in adding new labeling solutions.  Bringing new solutions to our customers has been the key to our success.  Plus, we love to sell ink; as we sell ink to our customers with continuous inkjet coders/markers”, says Robert.   If you want to learn more about continuous inkjet printing, check out this description from Wikipedia:

While demonstrating the TM-C3400, Robert knew that he had an immediate need to use this label printer; labeling his ink.  As a reseller of ink, he wants to make sure his customers know who to contact to reorder ink. 

"As a reseller of a consumable item, it’s important that my customers know immediately how to reorder.  I see a real advantage placing my color labels on the inks I sell to make it easy for customers to reorder.  I’ll begin placing my labels on inks I sell”, says Robert.  And Robert wanted to purchase my demo printer!  Although I could not sell him my printer, I did get a commitment from Robert to purchase a printer; and to contact me once he has the printer.

For new users like Robert, I conduct a 30 minute webinar to insure they start using the TM-C3400 quickly and easily.  And for new resellers like PLI, I conduct sales training; focusing primarily on the best target customers to sell print on-demand color labels.

For new resellers, I work with distributors to get them registered to sell the Epson products.  As PLI purchases from one of them already, it is an easy process to begin reselling print on-demand color labels.

If you are a reseller of consumable items, consider using print on-demand color labels to make it easy for your customers to reorder.  It's a great idea!

Guy Mikel