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Monday, June 4, 2012

Baking "Medicinal" Brownies & Printing Labels

Green Ticket Bakery ( was created to satisfy the love of baking and the desire to help others in a holistic natural way.  For the past 15 years, the Green Ticket Bakery has mastered the art of Cold Water Hash Infusion and has patented a process providing the patient community with medicated edibles unlike any other tasted in the world. Green Ticket Bakery’s edibles are consistent, tested, safe, and delicious to satisfy any patient’s need. They specialize in matching strains to medical conditions and work with patients to find the best medicinal combinations and foods, delivered fresh.

Although producing great products, Green Ticket needed a better process to produce their labels.  According to Paul of Green Ticket, “we were using Avery labels from Staples and a desktop laser printer to print labels for our dozens of SKU’s.  We would print up to 6 labels per page; 18 labels at a time.  This process was very time consuming and a big pain!”

Finally deciding to try something different, Baker Michael of Green Ticket Bakery decided to purchase a TM-C3400 and labels. “We wanted to continue to produce labels for all of our bakery products as we needed them.  Printing on-demand enable us to make changes up to the moment we printed the labels.  Plus, developing new products all the time, we wanted the ability to produce the new labels all the time.”

Check out the Branding:  LA Confidential

Love the Branding:  Space Queen
After purchasing their printer, ink and labels, Paul contacted me to help them to learn how to best configure the printer.  Paul uses Adobe Photoshop to create and then print the labels.  After a 30 minute webinar, Paul was producing great looking labels.

Although not a patient, I believe bakeries similar to Green Ticket (and the related medical marijuana dispensaries) are great targets to use on-demand color label printing.  From research on-line, I understand 17 states and the District of Columbia allow the use of medical marijuana.  In California, it is estimated that over 1,000 dispensaries sell billions of dollars of medical marijuana.  Each of these retailers produces and/or packages products under various brand names; including using their own house brands.  With so many brands in such a large business, medical marijuana bakeries and dispensaries could be a great target for designing and printing their own labels.

In addition, bakeries in general are great targets for on-demand labels.  Check out my earlier post, Bake Sweet Success:

Be sure to ask your bakery or dispensary customers about using the TM-C3400 to print labels for their products.

Guy Mikel

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