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Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OEM Brands; With Service

Starcke GmbH & Co. KG ( a medium-sized, family run company that dates back to before 1720.  For over 100 years Starcke has manufactured abrasive cloth and paper that gives the master touch to a wide variety of surfaces, converting them into quality products.

As a division, Starcke USA ( been printing color labels since it’s inception, says Mary Snow, Purchasing Manager.  “With approximately 800 unique part numbers across the 4 primary market segments, we have followed the lead of Starcke GMBH & Co in Germany, printing color labels as required.” 

“At Starcke, we sell to distributors that want to use and promote their own brand names.  By printing color labels on demand, we give our distribution partners this capability at no additional cost.   Having the option of full-color labels means our customers get their customized label with their logo and company’s color.  This customization has been part of our business model from the start of Starcke USA” according to Mary.



I was introduced to Mary recently when two of Starcke’s TM-C3400 printers required maintenance.  To get service on this out-of-warranty printer, Mary had to contact and then send the printers to a local Epson “Servicer”.  This servicer then sent the printers to Indianapolis where they were repaired and returned to Starcke. 

To save the time and reduce the cost to repair the TM-C3400, companies like Starcke USA may want to consider purchasing (within 90 days of the initial purchase) the extended warranties and Spare-In-The-Air (SITA).  At approximately $62 per year, end users can obtain a different printer next day if maintenance is required with the SITA program.  Here are the part numbers and MSRP of these programs:

Part number/Model
Quantity (Cumulative)
Unit Price
One Year Spare-in-the-Air
One Year Extended Care
Two Year Extended Care

If you or your customers want to provide custom OEM labels for your distribution partners, be sure to do what Starcke Abrasives does; produce them when you need them.  And be sure to purchase the Extended Warranty and Spare-In-The-Air service program when you buy or sell a TM-C3400.

Contact me if I can help you with your OEM label program or have questions concerning service.

Guy Mikel

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