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Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Mercury Medical is a comprehensive health care company specializing in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care products and services. This company is recognized for excellence in manufacturing high quality medical products including the Neo-Tee T-Piece Resuscitator, Flow-Safe CPAP Systems, End Tidal CO2 Detectors, air-Q Masked Laryngeal Airways, CPR Resuscitation Bags (disposable, reusable and CPR-2 self-inflating), Hyperinflation Bags and Negative Inspiratory Force Meters.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida with a regional depot in Atlanta, Georgia, Mercury Medical has been in business for nearly 50 years, keeping health care ahead of the curve with their latest innovations.

As innovation is important, the Marketing team at Mercury Medical decided to move to color labels, in order to stand out and to promote their brand in hospitals.  According to Brian Morrison, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Manager, “Initially, Mercury Medical purchased preprinted color labels and then used a hand stamp to add the variable data.”

Although this process worked, it took a great deal of operator time, especially handling the media; picking the correct label and then putting away the labels.  More importantly, this process created lots of waste and scrap labels.  With approximately 1,000 SKU’s, Mercury Medical had to scrap preprinted labels every time a revision was made.


To reduce the operator time and wasted labels, Mercury decided to move to a print-on-demand color label process using the Epson TM-C3400 and two different label sizes, printing labels in 10 different colors.  “Now, Mercury prints the latest version of the label, only when required eliminating the waste associated with preprinted labels.  This new process has reduced our label costs by approximately 67% say Brian”. 

If you and/or your customers have a large inventory of preprinted color labels, then moving to print-on-demand could save money similar to what Mercury Medical found.  Plus, adding color to your labels will strengthen your brand with customers.

I like to thank Fred Braun at BCS Solutions for connecting me with Mercury Medical; and selling them the TM-C3400.  FYI:  Fred met Mercury at a trade show some time ago; but continued to work with them to deliver this great solution.  

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to reduce your costs and strengthen your brand using print-on-demand color labels.

Guy Mikel

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