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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, February 2, 2012

UN Drives Print-On-Demand Color Label Opportunities

Oakwood Products, Inc.  is a fine organics manufacturing facility located in West Columbia, South Carolina, producing a wide range of organics with particular emphasis on fluorine and sulfur compounds. In addition to our extensive catalog, Oakwood also offers custom synthesis services. Oakwood is a division of Fluorochem based in the UK. 

Oakwood manufactures and trades in a variety of chemical compounds used primarily for research and development.  This company makes the building blocks for pharmaceutical companies trying to develop new drugs and is know for quality products for laboratory use.

With the United Nations effort on the global harmonized system of labeling (GHS), Oakwood is required to change their labeling practices.  Prior to the GHS requirements, Oakwood printed basic black on white labels using a standard thermal transfer printer.  With GHS, Oakwood is now required to print color icons, hazards and warnings to insure consistent communication internationally.  To meet these new requirements, Oakwood purchased a TM-C3400 ColorWorks printer.

According to Dr. Jeanne Steward, “Fluorochem in the UK started using the TM-C3400 to produce labels to meet the GHS requirements.  Once we purchased the TM-C3400, we designed templates for the labels and the configurations for the printer.  Importing of the configuration settings for the Epson ColorWorks label printer worked well.”

Scan of original label including color logo and icons
Scan of original label, including color logo and icons
With the deployment of the GHS UN initiative, companies like Oakwood need to begin producing on-demand labels for their international shipments of chemicals.  If you have chemical manufacturing customers who ship internationally, be sure to ask them about their plans to comply to the GHS requirements.  Or contact me to help you provide an on-demand color label solution.

Guy Mikel

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