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Color Label Solutions

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chemistry = Opportunity!

Since 1995, Octochem has provided marketing solutions to the chemical, biotechnology and food ingredient industries; and has changed how marketing gets done for their customers. By bringing innovative internet-based logistic processes, OctoChem delivers samples to end users faster and at less cost while reducing risk for their chemical and biotechnology customers.  You can learn more at  


“With over 12,000 current products, we process over 675 individual sample orders per day”, according to Mark Langston, founder of Octochem.  “With new customers, we expect to process over 1,000 orders per day by April; ranging from as small as 20 grams to up to 5 gallons.  As each order requires a different label, we must print each label on-demand as required.  No way could we keep labels in inventory for each of these products.  Also, our customers do not allow us to use any label older than 2 months to prevent out-of-date labeling.”

As many customers ship internationally, Octochem is now required to comply with the Global Harmonized System of Labeling (GHS).  With GHS, Octochem is now required to print color icons, hazards and warnings to insure consistent communication internationally.  In addition, some customers want Octochem to produce labels with their logos.  To meet the new regulatory and customer requirements, Octochem purchased a TM-C3400 ColorWorks printer.

To print, Octochem accesses their customer’s SAP software to produce a label using Microsoft Word.  This process insures Octochem is using the latest version of the label; and makes it easy for their customer service agents to print the label and add it to the order.


“GHS is a looming standard for chemical shipments around the world.  As manufacturers in the Americas adopt GHS, I expect more sales of the TM-C3400 to the chemical industry.  These standards require color symbology with black text on labels that can stand up to chemicals.  Few print systems other than Epson can serve this need.”, according to Kelly Ng, Product Manager, Color Inkjet Products at Epson.  “Companies like Octochem need an easy method to produce durable, just-in-time color labels.  The old way of using pre-print blanks and black overprint is slow, cumbersome, error-prone and expensive.”

If you have Chemical Manufacturers with lots of products/SKU’s as customers, talk to them about moving to print-on-demand color labels.  Give me a call if I can help you with these types of prospects.

Guy Mikel

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