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Color Label Solutions

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Solutions For Datalogic Partners

With products used in over a third of the world’s checkouts, airports and mail sorting offices, Datalogic (  is in a unique position to deliver solutions that makes life easier and more efficient for people.  Their core specialties are Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation for the manufacturing, retail, logistics and healthcare industries.  As a total solutions provider, Datalogic has a long history of creating innovative bar code readers, data collection mobile computers and vision systems that meet the ever-changing demands of industry. 


From May 13 to 15, 2013, I was invited to attend and present at the Datalogic Partner Conference in San Antonio Texas by Rodney Shaffer, the Epson Product Manager for BlueStar and Jean Secrist, Channel Manager for Datalogic.  According to Jean, “we wanted to invite companies with complementary products to present at our partner conference.  At our previous partner conferences, we had presentations covering only Datalogic products.  By listening, we found that showcasing entire solutions is more valuable for our partners at these meetings.  It is important to us that our partners sell more valuable and better solutions to their customers; and to make them a success. ”

During the conference, Datalogic presented several new and interesting solutions, including Joya ( Lanehawk (  As an impatient shopper, personally I love these types of new checkout options.

Prior to the conference, I asked Rodney, why did you want to attend the Datalogic meeting?  Rodney responded, “I felt this conference would give us access to new potential partners for print on-demand color labels.”  And it seems that is exactly what we found as I met several new potential resellers of this technology; especially during the product showcase:



Not only did I meet new partners, I met several people from companies already selling print on-demand color label solutions.

Not only fortunate to attend, I had the opportunity to present 4 times; twice in ADIC sessions and twice in retail sessions.  To review my two presentations, go to my Linked In profile and look in the summary section: .  Even if you have seen my presentations before, check to see if you can find a couple of new applications that I presented during the Datalogic conference!

When the meetings were finished, I had the opportunity to explore the Riverwalk in San Antonio with several of the Datalogic partners:

After attending this event, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend and present to Datalogic’s partners; and to be a part of their desire to help their partners grow and prosper. 

Guy Mikel

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