Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Monday, February 6, 2012

Branding On-Demand Means Business

Since 1993, The Hardware Exchange  has been providing pre-owned EMC Data Storage Systems to companies all across the United States, Canada, Brazil, UK, China, Taiwan & Japan.   They feature a full line of EMC Data Storage Systems and parts; providing customers a cost effective means to store and protect valuable data. 

In addition, The Hardware Exchange has an affiliated company, Symm-Care Services that offers a variety of Professional Services for EMC Data Storage Systems.  Because of the high cost associated with purchasing new storage hardware, The Hardware Exchange takes a unique approach; providing pre-owned EMC Systems and professional services to offer complete data storage solutions.  The trademarks of The Hardware Exchange’s storage professionals are EMC expertise and attention to detail.

With a focus on detail, The Hardware Exchange decided to improve the brand image of their company; especially when products/parts were sitting in their customer’s warehouses.  To improve the look of their packaging, The Hardware Exchange decided to begin using white boxes with color labels.  “We wanted our products to stand out like a sore thumb” says Robert Borlin of The Hardware Exchange.   “We wanted our brand to POP.  We thought color labels would make a big difference with our brand image.”

To design labels, The Hardware Exchange uses Microsoft Publisher.


When the labels are printed, the operators add the variable data to the template, print and ship.   Although happy with the labels designed in Publisher, Bob is considering moving to a label design software package.

When looking at this label, you must agree; the label looks great!  They stand out and POP showing this company’s attention to detail; and positioning The Hardware Exchange positively in the mind of their customer.  This strong image makes it easy to do more repeat business with them.

If you want to help your customers improve their brand image and repeat sales, talk to them about print-on-demand color labels with the TM-C3400.   You’ll strength your position with your customer also.

Guy Mikel

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