Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"No Name" Companies!

Recently, three manufacturers decided NOT to allow me to use their names, pictures and labels in my blog postings.  Although not understanding the downside, I felt obligated to follow their wishes and not release their names in the blog.

But I can tell you about their applications.  These three manufacturers have developed new solutions using on-demand color labels; that you may be able to sell.  Let me tell you more.


First, I know manufacturer of filtration products for the automotive, paint, coating, adhesive, plating, ink & chemical industries.  With the launch of a new product line, the company decided to create an entirely new appearance for their packaging and labels.  “We saw a big opportunity for our new products; and wanted to establish a premium position” stated the buyer for the company.  “With the decision to use premium packaging, we had to find a means to produce color labels on demand”.

To produce the labels, the company purchased several TM-C3400 color label printers in 2010; and has been using them since.  With the expected growth of this product line, the buyer sees the need to expand the production of their on-demand color labels.

If you have customers who want to improve the look of their labels and packaging to position their products as “premium”, talk to them about using on-demand color labels.


Second, I worked with a manufacturer of engineered flexible metal hose products for the industrial, commercial and residential markets.  As a part of their manufacturing process, this company tracks the various metal alloys through the manufacturing process to provide raw material traceability.  This tracking begins with the manufacturer providing material test reports; and is required as part of their ISO 9001 procedures.

To track the alloys, this company labels every part based on the alley used in manufacturing.  In the past, they used standard monochrome labels.  To make tracking easier, the company is moving to a color based labeling system. 

“The TM-C3400 has enable us to print exactly the type of labels we need in our manufacturing process” according to the engineer deploying the new solution.   “With these color on-demand labels, our associates will be able to locate exactly the material/parts required for each product, quickly, easily and without errors”.

After this project is completed, the company plans to complete a second phase; using color to track completed products.  This tracking builds on the material traceability and their ISO 9001 processes.

When you speak with manufacturers, be sure to ask about how color can improve traceability in their operations.


Third, I supported a manufacturer of riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications.  As a part of their new products, this company has developed a series of colored and lighted reticals. A reticle is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of a sighting device, such as a scope.  With these new products, the manufacturer decided to design labels that made it easier for retailer’s associates and customers to locate the exact product required on store shelves.  These labels included an image of the color reticle and the company’s logo.

According to the IT manager, “Our company needed to move to color to produce labels required in the manufacturing process.   We did not want to purchase and store inventory of preprinted labels for all of our SKU’s.  Overall, we have found the deployment of 8 TM-C3400 color label printers a success.”

If you have customers with a large number of SKU’s who have an image or use color somewhere on their labels, don’t let them purchase preprinted labels.  Be sure to suggest they use on-demand color labels.

I wish you could see the labels and pictures of these three companies.  But hopefully, you will utilize their solutions to improve your business.

Guy Mikel


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