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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, October 6, 2016

iPhone Printed Color Labels

Every week, someone asks for label printers with an MAC driver option. Many individuals design labels on their MAC; and want to print directly from their computer.  But not every day, do I get requests to print directly from an iPhone.

iPhone Printed Labels

No label printers that I know have an AirPrint wireless option.  So the question I had to determine was how to print from an Apple iPhone to a Windows driver.

Based on a Google search, I found PrintCentral Pro from Eurosmart:

These guys claim to print to any network printer.  So I had to see if it was possible.  First, I had to download and install the PrintCentral Pro application onto our iPhone:

PrintCentral Pro
PrintCentral Pro

Using this application alone, I could not get it to work.  If I would have had available the CAB XC Two Tone printer with the wireless option, may have printed directly.

Second, I had to install the WePrint application on the computer with the Windows driver:  WePrint runs in the background; and I configured this application to print from an email routed to the printer.

WePrint Label Printing

Third, I had to open the PDF as a webpage in Safari.  In this situation, a GHS application was producing the label on-demand as a PDF. To open, I emailed the link containing the PDF to myself; and then opened it up in Safari.

GHS Label In Safari
GHS Label In Safari

Fourth, I needed to configure Safari to print via PrintCentral Pro once the page was opened.  In Safari, I had to go to the “MORE” option at the bottom of the of the screen and toggle “PCL” to “On”.  Once on, I found a “Print with PCL” option at the bottom of the screen.

PCL Label Printing
PCL Print
When I selected PCL printing, I needed to select the correct printer.  Having many different printer drivers installed, I had to narrow down my selection as well as configure the  printer settings.  As I said earlier, you may want to test printing direct from PrintCentral Pro; and not install WePrint until necessary.  I do believe it should be possible with the correct configuration.

PrintControl Pro Label Printing
PrintControl Pro
Once I selected “Print”, I got a 4” x 6” formatted print output just like the design of the PDF.

iPhone Printed GHS Label
iPhone Printed GHS Label
As I needed to test using an iPhone, I used PrintCentral Pro and WePrint.  If I was using my Nexus 6P, I would have used Google Cloud Print instead.  You may want to test using Google’s application first depending on the devices you plan to use.

Printing color labels on-demand from a mobile device to a Windows driver should work for many yard and warehousing applications.  Contact us if you need to print color labels on-demand and on-the-fly!

Guy Mikel

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