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Color Label Solutions

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cryogenic Narrow Labels

Last year, we started working with an aerospace adhesive manufacturer who needed to comply with the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, or GHS.  Learn more here:

To comply with the GHS mandate, the company had to find labels that could withstand cryogenic storage conditions; below -80 degrees.  According to their in-plant coordinator for sealants, “during production, we flash freeze our products in alcohol baths at -50 degrees.  Our labels need to withstand this process, continuing to adhere to our flip top cups.”

Initially, we tested our standard matte poly labels with adhesive rated down to -40 degrees.  Although we had some success, we found these labels did not adhere well in production; especially going through the flash freeze alcohol bath.

Standard Labels Coming Off in Cryogenic Storage Conditions
Based on these results, we created inkjet coated cryogenic labels with a service temperature range of -89 to +169 degrees F; and an application temperature down to -20F. The aerospace manufacturer found these labels to work well; and put them into production. 

However, the company had another tough requirement; 1” wide labels.  With a 1.2” minimum print width, the C3500 was the closest option.  However, the company preferred to print print these labels with their C7500.  According to coordinator, “we found the rear feed and unwinder difficult to use with the narrow labels.  We would preferred to use our C7500.”

However, the C7500 has a minimum print width of 1.81”; and a minimum media of 1.91”.  You may find this earlier post on printing narrow labels of interest:

To use the C7500, we tried 2 UP labels; 2 labels side-by-side.

2 UP Inkjet Labels
2 Up Inkjet Labels
According to coordinator, “The 2 UP labels created another issue; we could not get our software to serialize the labels correctly.  We needed to have 1” wide labels that were made with adhesive that would withstand the very cold storage temperatures.”

To meet the company’s requirements, we create a new label; with 1” of liner and 1” of label to meet the minimum print width requirements of the C7500 printer.  And they print and look great!

1" Wide Cryogenic Labels
1" Wide Labels On C7500

I think the print quality is especially good. See the .5" of liner on either side.

1" Wide Inkjet Labels
1" Wide Inkjet Labels

Overall, it’s very satisfying to work with customers like our aerospace customer; too bad I can't use their name.  I especially like customers who are willing to work together with us to find solutions to that meet all of their requirements.  This is especially true when it takes a few iterations to get the final solution just right.

If you need cryogenic, narrow or any other type of specialty labels and tags for print on-demand color, contact us.  We’ll try our best to meet your requirements as well.

Guy Mikel

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