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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Print, Laminate, Die-Cut, Slit; The Path To Prime Labels

In my earlier post, in-plant prime labels, I define prime labels as the following: 

A Prime Label acts as the main identification of a product. Often designed to attract attention, prime labels contain information designed to appeal to a buyer and are usually applied at the time of manufacture. 

Full-Bleed Label
Full-Bleed Label
From my experience, prime labels have common features that brand owners want and expect:

  • Cover 100% of the label with ink
  • Print “full-bleed”; to the edge of the label
  • Shine- a glossy appearance
  • Withstand water, abrasion, etc.; durable

But 100% coverage and full-bleed printing is very difficult using die cut labels.  I mention the issue with black in this post.

When producing full-bleed labels at a printshop, printers typically print and then die cut.  That is why you find “die lines” on label artwork.

Full Bleed Label With Die Line
Full-Bleed Label With Dieline
By die cutting post print, you insure full-bleed printing. Also prior to die cutting, you can add a laminate to make the label durable and glossy.

But how can you print, laminate, and die cut in plant?  Now we have an affordable and relatively easy way to produce full-bleed and laminated labels in plant; using the new NeuraLabel 300X printer combined with the Scorpio+ finishing station.

The 300X  prints from 3” to 8.5” very fast with print speeds up to 20”/second at resolution up to 2400 x 1200 using a durable pigment ink.  For this application, you can print on lower cost continuous label media like we’ve done here:

According to Steve Larson, Business Development for NeuraLabel Printing Solutions, “The printer is very simple to operate.  Ink is the only consumable, and replacing cartridges is easy.  If the customer buys the onsite warranty, they get next business day on-site break/fix support.  This warranty extends even to the print head, which is why we say that the print head has virtually unlimited life.”  These features make the 300X less risky for a manufacturer.

After printing multiple up on an inexpensive label media, you then need to laminate, die cut and slit the labels.  That’s were Scorpio+ Finisher comes into play  Watch the Scorpio finish our labels here:

According to Luca Bortolon, D.P.R. Labeling Sales, “the Scorpio Plus is all-in-one system capable of laminating labels for added durability, digitally die-cutting, removing the excess label material around each die-cut shape, slitting and rewinding, offering you everything needed for professionally finished labels.  This system provides a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology; allowing you to cut different types of materials and shapes without the added cost of dies.”

When asked about the maintenance requirements, Luca continued, “The Scorpio unit has very limited maintenance requirements.  The only consumables are the slitting blades and the plotter knife.  These items are replaced depending on the usage.  We have clients who have been using the Scorpio Plus for 6 months without replacing the slitting blades or the plotter knife; whereas others running heavy jobs replace these items every three to four months.”

In the video, you may notice the noise of the laminate coming off the rolls.  According to Luca, “The laminate doesn’t always make so much noise when coming off the roll. The noise or no noise of the laminate really does depend on the type of laminate the client is going to purchase and use as there are several different types.”

The combination of the 300X and Scorpio Plus have one other positive feature; Affordability.  This combination cost just over $30,000; a great price for a prime label finishing system.

If you need to print prime labels in plant, contact us to discuss how the 300X and Scorpio Plus will work for you.

Guy Mikel


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  3. Buyer beware. This unit is extremely temperamental. The driver must be modified to print any page size. Once neuralog has your money, they're really bad about support. Absolutely, this is the worst $10k I've ever spent (including accessories, extra print head and ink, and roll-to-roll unit) I'd have had a better time literally burning a stack of cash.

    1. Just to clarify, this is regarding the 300X printer and neuralog supplied roll-to-roll rewinder, not the scorpio or anything else.

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