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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Universal Good Idea

Universal Heated Hoses ( designs and manufactures custom electrically heated transfer hoses for a wide range of applications. Heated hoses provide solutions for transferring materials such as Hot Melt Adhesives, Liquid Food Products, Wax, Lubricants, and Sealants. UHH specializes in Hotmelt replacement hoses as well as Custom Hoses.  Manufacturing heater wire in-house, UHH provides the best solution for the application; offering hoses for all types of temperature sensors to match the existing machinery.

Pat Pagnella founded UHH after working as an engineer in the industry.  Pat manufacturer’s hoses that transfer liquid materials at 450 to 500 degrees F while insuring the hoses on the outside reach no more than 120 degrees.  According to Pat, “up until now, we had only monochrome printers for labels; both Zebra and Wasp thermal transfer printers.  We used BarTender to create our labels, including using the increment function to add sequential numbers to each label printed.”

Continuing, Pat says, “When purchasing another printer, we decided to get one that would print color labels on-demand.  Color is important to us as we wanted to add our customer’s logos to the labels on the hoses.  With more than 30 OEM customers, we want to strengthen their brands and businesses; and to offer great value to these important customers.”

While searching for color label printer options, Pat found us online.  After a telephone conversation, Pat purchased a TM-C3500 printer, 3 years of Spare-in-the-Air Warranty, ink and labels.  Once the printer arrived, I help him setup and configure the printer via webinar.  Within a few minutes, Pat was printing color labels from BarTender.

Although Pat wanted to move to color, it was important that the UHH labels were durable.  “The labels on these hoses must be durable; withstanding rough treatment and heat” says Pat.  “In the past, we’ve placed the labels on Mylar film before applying tape over the top.  With these new durable color poly labels, we’ll should be able to use the adhesive on the back to wrap and connect the Mylar film; and eliminate the tape over the top.  This new process will save us time.”

UHH has started printing color by using continuous labels, which requires the use of the built in cutter in the TM-C3500.  Continuous material allows for variable lengths; cutting exactly to the required length.  In the future, UHH will move to die cut matte poly labels to get the rounded corners.  In addition, die cut labels may be easier to apply for this specific application over the top of the Mylar.

Two years ago when I first started the Color Labels On-Demand blog, I wrote about one of my customers who manufactured flexible hoses.  Although not mentioned by name, you might find this post of interest:

Working with companies like UHH and good guys like Pat is one of the pleasures of leading Color Label Solutions.  If you need a heated hose, contact Pat at Universal Heated Hoses.  If you need color labels printed on-demand, contact us!

Guy Mikel


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