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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Earning Positive ROI; Even From Shipping Labels

As a proponent of print on-demand color labels, I recently found an article that provides expert reasoning for making the switch to print on-demand color labels.

Jill Morton of ColorCom (  is a Color Psychologist and Branding Expert.  As one of the most knowledgeable color experts and researchers in the world today, she holds a Master’s Degree in Design and has served as faculty at several universities.

As founder of Colorcom, she brings the highest level of technical and professional knowledge about color to a wide range of projects. Psychological color impact, innovative color combinations, attractive color harmonies, visual ergonomics and marketing trends are the critical factors she addresses in prescribing successful solutions for her global clients.

In the post, Why Color Matters, (, Jill provides several broad rational that should apply for moving from monochrome, black only to print on-demand color labels.  

While reviewing this article, I wondered how the most basic label, a Shipping Label, would benefit by adding color.  I understand shipping labels are primarily read using a barcode scanner with little to no human interaction.   But humans do read some and see all shipping labels. 

Based on Jill’s post, I summarized 6 key points to show how a company benefits by adding color; even to a shipping label;

  1. In the section Color and Marketing, Jill shows research that states 62% to 90% of a person’s judgment about a product comes from color within the first 90 seconds.  Therefore, when a customer or even a third party sees a monochrome label, they make a judgment or receive a message about the product immediately.  Given this instant product positioning, you need to ask, what message or judgment could a color shipping label convey about your product and company? Nothing but positive from my perspective.
  2. In the section Color and Brand Identity, Jill provides research from Loyola Maryland University that color increases brand recognition by 80%.  With no color, a shipping label which is read by the ultimate customer and a lot of potential buyers along the way, is missing the opportunity to strengthen the brand.  Would your brand benefit from an increase in identity for practically zero cost?
  3. In Color Engages and Increases Participation, Jill restates data that shows color ads are read by up to 42% more than black and white.  Imagine how increased readership of a shipping label would benefit the reader; as well as the company applying the label.  Fewer shipping errors, faster service and more importantly, stronger branding and positioning.
  4. In Color Informs, Jill shows how color increases readership by 40%, increases learning to 78% and improves comprehension by 73%.  As stated above, improved readership, increased learning and improved comprehension would work especially on a shipping label.  Imagine the additional information you could add to a shipping label in color that people would read, comprehend and retain.  This benefit could mean a tremendous ROI by moving to color.
  5. In Color Attracts Attention, Jill shares data that monochrome documents sustain readership for less than .67 seconds, whereas color retains attention over 2 seconds.  This increased attention enables humans to process information better.  Companies should emphasize important and critical information in color, making these labels more effective. With billions of shipping labels produced and read annually, imagine how this increase in readership would affect your products, supply chain and customers.
  6. In Power of Color, Jill shows a summary of research by Xerox and the International Communication Research that would provide significant benefits to organizations from using color.  If valid, this research alone documents the tremendous potential benefit of color shipping labels
    • 92% Believe color presents an image of impressive quality.  Color on shipping labels would differentiate your company positioning it as higher quality
    • 90% Feel color can assist in attracting new customers.  Would you like the prospects who see your shipping labels to remember your company
    • 90% Believe customers remember documents better when color is used.  Would you like your customers and 3rd parties to remember your shipping labels and the important information on them better?
    • 83% Believe color makes them appear more successful.  Would you like to position your company as successful?
    • 81% Think color gives them a competitive edge.  Would you like an inexpensive way to gain a competitive edge?
    • 76% Believe that the use of color makes their business appear larger to clients.  Would you like your small business to appear larger?

Jill’s post provides valid, documented research to move to more color; on all labels including ones even used for shipping.  If interested, you may find other posts I’ve written on “why color” of value:

If you’ve ever wondered about using color on more labels, contact us.  We’ll help you select the best print on-demand color label solution for your business.

Guy Mikel

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