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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Guys Grow

Octochem (www.octochem.comis the leader in sample fulfillment worldwide.  Since 1995, Octochem has provided marketing solutions for the chemical and biotechnology industries.  Their services improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a competitive advantage for their customers. 

As a part of their service, Octochem:

  • Provides packaging, logistics, reporting and support for samples.
  • Fulfills specialty distribution services including filling variable size orders
  • Processes small and trial size orders
  • Controls costs including adjusting sample sizes to best fit the order requirements.

According to Mark Langston, founder, Octochem, “we’ve grown significantly over the last few years.   We’ve added a new building and started several new processes to meet the demands of our customers.”

These new processes include a high frequency pick area:

A new pack area:

A new shipping area:

And a soon to be finished, clean-room filling operation:

At the end of 2011, Octochem begin printing color labels on-demand to meet the requirements of their customers and the pending GHS requirements.  Since starting printing labels with color on-demand, Octochem has increased the number of color label printers; including the relatively new TM-C3500.

According to Denny Grant, Operations, “we seem to be printing a lot more labels with a set of ink cartridges for the TM-C3500 compared to the previous generation of label printer, the TM-C3400.  With this new, higher yielding label printer, we’re still trying to determine the number of cartridges we need per month.”

Mark adds, “In fact, one of our customers has decided to use the same type of printers in their North American and Latin America operations.  After seeing our operation produce color labels on-demand for their samples, they decided to meet the GHS requirements using the same solution.”

After working with Mark, Denny and the staff of Octochem, two key points are clear.  First, the team at Octochem are good guys.  And second, they are striving to provide their customers the top-of-the-line services.  These services include on-demand color labels.  After selling them on-demand color label printers, I like to think we contributed to their growth.  If you want to grow, you too should consider moving to print on-demand color labels as well!

Guy Mikel


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