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Color Label Solutions

Saturday, March 29, 2014

High Quality, Glossy, Laminated Labels; Now On-Demand

If you answer “YES” do any of these questions, then we have a better option for you.

Do you purchase a wide range of high quality labels with graphics from a professional printer?

Do you like the look of high gloss labels?

Do you need durable labels that withstand water or harsh environments?

Do you have a large inventory of pre-printed, high quality labels?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you now have options to print your high quality, glossy, and laminated labels on-demand with the TrojanOne Label printer

and the Rotary Wizard.

By combining these operations, you can print beautiful, durable, glossy labels when you need them.  I discussed these machines in my earlier post covering WestPack:

What I did not cover was the benefits of moving to printing and laminating labels in your facility on-demand.  The 3 key benefits of on-demand color printing and laminating include the following:

Lowers Costs.  According to Dennis Kallaher, Vice President of Sales for Trojan Color Systems, “manufacturers can reduce costs by using the TrojanOne printer along with the Rotary Wizard.  With this equipment, an "in-plant" label printer can source label material more economically.  This eliminates freight and packaging costs, controls converting costs, shortens and eliminates lead times and can provide savings from 30% to 50% of your finished label costs.  In addition, you print only what you require; eliminating obsolete label and inventory carrying costs.  Overall, you can produce high quality, laminated labels yourself for less than from a professional pressure-sensitive label printer.”  Personally, I worked on an opportunity where using this system would reduce the label costs by approximately 16%.

Increases Manufacturing Flexibility.  By moving to on-demand, manufacturers have the ability to change labels at any point prior to application.  This flexibility enables companies to change label wording, produce several different brands using the same inventory, and offer OEM customized products;  utilizing late-point configuration supply chain strategy.

Improves Processes.  By moving to on-demand, manufacturers eliminate the following processes:
a.     Purchasing plates and finished labels for each SKU
b.     Reviewing and approving final label designs from the printer
c.     Receiving and put away of label inventory for each SKU
d.     Picking the correct label among large inventory of labels

With the TrojanOne and the Rotary Wizard, you lower costs, increase manufacturing flexibility and improve processes while producing HD quality, glossy, prime labels in-plant.

Contact us to discuss adding this operation to your plant.  We'll print, laminate and send you samples of your labels produced using the TrojanOne printer and the Rotary Wizard.

Guy Mikel

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