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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are you worried about complying with the GHS regulations?

Do you want to make complying with the GHS regulations as easy as possible?

Do you wish you were ready to meet the June 2015 GHS deadline?, is designed for those chemical companies who answer “yes” to the questions above.  We take the work and worry out of complying with the GHS requirements.

GHSmadeEZ combines the talents of two great partners; Color Label Solutions, the premier provider of print on-demand color label solutions and KMK Regulatory Services, www.kmkregservices.comone of the world’s premier GHS Compliance expert who provides expert regulatory and SDS authoring services for manufacturers, blenders and distributors of chemicals.  

Working together, Color Label Solutions and KMK Regulatory Services has created 3 “Bundles” of products and services to make complying to the GHS regulations easy and worry-free; including FREE SDS and GHS Label Format:

·     Print Service: will print your GHS Labels for you. When you purchase pre-printed labels, you’ll get durable poly labels and ink that meet the GHS label requirements. All you do is answer a few questions; then apply the labels to your products.

·    Printer Bundle: will sell and train you on everything you need to print your own labels. We make it easy to begin printing GHS labels.

·     Variable Bundle: will sell and train you to build a database to produce GHS labels using variable data such as Product Identifier, Signal Word, and Hazard Statements. The Variable Bundle is a must when you have multiple products.

When you purchase one of these bundles, you get a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and a GHS label in a PDF format; FOR FREE!  Plus, we provide discounts for multiple products and larger volumes of labels and printers.  In addition, we can get the exact sizes labels you require; just contact us at 855-962-7670.

You may be wondering, “why do I need a SDS in addition to the GHS label?  According to Dan Lavoie, Executive Vice President Business Development of KMK Regulatory Service, “The final classification of your product must be rendered from the SDS.  We use the exact formulary to calculate the proper classification.  If inconsistencies are found between the SDS and GHS label, the company could be fined; or have product delayed during shipping.  As we stand behind our work, it’s important to us that you don’t have any issues with the documents we produce.”

Continuing, Dan says “With GHS, you need to place the correct color pictogram on your labels.  Given the concern for consistency between the SDS and GHS label, we recommend our customers print the labels in color and on-demand.  With on-demand printing, you will print the latest version of the label, reducing or eliminating the possibility of placing the incorrect version on the product.  “

“In addition, we suggest to our customers; do not cross or black out with a thermal transfer printer any preprinted pictograms.  Crossing or blacking out preprinted pictograms may create confusion with the end user as well as regulatory or government officials; and thus exposing your company to liability.”

For more from Dan and KMK Regulatory Services, check out their regulatory blog on GHS labeling:   And be sure to contact us if you need help answering the following questions KMK Regulatory Services poses:

1. Are you aware of the impact of GHS on the classification of your products?
2. Will your cost of transport be affected by the new classifications?
3. Will you be able to market the product in the same way?
4. Does your product classification remain unchanged?
5. Should you consider substituting substances to modify the classification?
6. Are you entering into new markets and want to know how the products are going to be classified?

The idea for results from a post made last year on www.colorlabelsondemand.blogspot.comthe second largest-read post out of more than 100.  With, we take this concept further making GHS even easier and taking the worry out of complying with the GHS requirements.

If you need support identifying the specific changes required to make your labels GHS compliant; or with printing your labels now with color, contact us to learn more about the packages we offer at

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