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Sunday, October 13, 2013

In-Plant Prime Labels

Afinia Label (www.afinialabel.comis the label printer division of Microboards Technology (, which serves various industries with all kinds of optical media technology.    Originally founded in 1989 as the international division of a Japanese CD-engineering firm, Microboards Technology has been growing rapidly along with CD-R technology for the past 21 years.

With the L-801 label printer, (, Afinia has launched the fastest benchtop label printer available.  With print speeds up to 12” per second at a resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi, the L-801 is a great choice for in-plant prime label printing.  

If you are not familiar with the term, prime label, here is the definition:  A Prime Label acts as the main identification of a product. Often designed to attract attention, prime labels contain information designed to appeal to a buyer and are usually applied at the time of manufacture. Prime Label acts as the main identification of a product. 
Scan of L-801 printed label

Craig Greenwood, National Account Manager for Afinia Label, says the L-801 offers several key features that make this printer a great choice for companies wanting to print their own prime labels.  According to Craig, “the L-801 produces high quality label images at an affordable price.  In addition, the L-801 comes standard with a dust-free, integrated unwinder making large runs easy to do.  Also the L-801 has a cut and present feature making hand apply application easier.  Finally, the L-801 is easy to setup and run; making the printer a great choice for manufacturers wanting to produce their own labels.” If your organization has inventory of labels similar to the pictures on my in-plant prime label page (, you should consider moving to printing color labels on demand.

In addition to the features Craig mentions, the L-801 offers one other key advantage:  the lowest cost prime label printer available in its class.  At $8,995, you will not find a faster, higher resolution printer available; especially considering the included unwinder which costs as much as $1,500 from other companies.  Check out the pricing of the L-801 from my store:

Ink cartridges for the l-801 printer cost $190; you can purchase them here:

If you send me an image of your labels, I can provide an estimated yield per cartridge and thus ink costs for your labels.  As the printer holds 1.25 liters of ink, companies like yours can produce thousands of labels per cartridge using the L-801.

For more on this printer, check out this short video: 

If you are already producing your own prime labels; or considering moving to print on-demand prime labels, contact Color Label Solutions.  We’ll help you start quickly and easy producing your own beautiful labels.

Guy Mikel

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