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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Label Expo #1: Epson Family

On September 12th and 13th, I attended Label Expo Americas 2012 (  Although this show is primarily targeted at label converters and printers, Epson America used the show to demonstrate on-demand color label printing.  I like to summarize in this post what the System Devices division of Epson exhibited at this tradeshow.

As you might expect, Epson showed the TM-C3400 (in the foreground in the picture above) printing poly labels using Bartender.   In addition, Epson showed the TM-C3400 integrated with a Labelmate unwinder and rewinder ( enabling large label print jobs.

Of the converters and resellers I met during the show, most had not heard of on-demand color label printing; and the Epson TM-C3400.   These discussions confirm my perspective that most industry participants do not understand the availability of this label printing capability.  After demonstrating the printer and discussing the markets, most converters and resellers thought of customers and prospects for this relatively new technology.  I bet you can also.

In addition to the TM-C3400, Epson showed two new products; the TM-C3400 LT and GP-C831.  The TM-C3400 LT is an all-inclusive label printing terminal; all you need to do is add your application:


 On this label terminal printer, Epson loaded Nicelabel printing color tag samples.  According to Carla Macaluso, Business Development Manager for Epson, “I believe this terminal fits markets such as retail or food preparation markets.  For example, I recently visited a bakery that printed labels in several places in the plant.  I can imagine this baker using the TM-C3400 to print labels for their cakes, pies and pastries at each of these distributed locations.”

With a list price expected to be approximately $2,700, the TM-C3400 LT will be available to purchase next month. 

In addition to the TM-C3400 LT, Epson showed the GP-C831, the first pin-fed, industrial inkjet printer.  As an ideal component for printing labels to meet the new GHS set of requirements for drums and larger containers, this device can print up to 8” wide labels, perfect size for this application.  


To learn more about GHS, take a look at this earlier post:   At this station, Epson was showing with Teklynx the GP-C831 with Teklynx Central GHS application ( using BS5609 certified Kimdura media ( which enables companies to meet these new set of requirements.  According to Tiffany Scheible, Global Marketing Director for Teklynx, "the TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS software solution is designed to help companies meet industry mandates for label security and traceability with the ability to modify labels, view reports and print on-demand from virtually anywhere in the world."  You may know of other applications that need this durable label printing capabilities.

Carla says, “The GP-C831 is the latest in a natural progression, from serial/line matrix or laser pin-fed printers, to the GP-831.  It is great for those customers looking to print color labels and move away from those legacy printers. At a max width of 8", it should be a perfect fit for those chemical companies who need to print various sizes of on-demand color labels to meet the GHS requirements.” 

You will be able to begin purchasing the GP-C831 printer beginning the end of October with a list price of approximately $1,900.

As of Label Expo, Epson has now a “family” of label printing products; take a look.

 Contact me to discuss how you or your customers can utilize these new products.

Guy Mikel


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